I was given a new task a few weeks ago. It was my first time to document a series of Focus Group Discussions (FGD) and later prepare a comprehensive report. The process felt like being in charge for the minutes of meeting, which I actually enjoy doing. I love the process of writing. In a way, I feel powerful because I have the capability to make someone appear either so smart or stupid. Hahaha I feel like a writer in another field. I work on my own terms. The only thing I dislike is the lengthy hours of discussion. It's draining to sit down, listen and shut up for several hours. :p 

If I'm not mistaken, I sat on 5 FGDs last week. Initially, the process felt repetitive. Different faces, same old thoughts. When immunity started to enter my bored self, I started to hear surprises. There were insights and unsaid sentiments, which I secretly adhered. While being an FGD researcher is empowering, it posts a trade off in the freedom of expression. I cannot be involved in the discussion. Nevertheless, I'm all good because I heard people speaking my unsaid sentiments. I'm not alone in the battle. It's also refreshing to hear people offering bright ideas. If only such ideas will be implemented, half of the organization's problems will already be addressed. But then again, I have to drift away from the immunity of an ideal world. When reality bites or in the world of grown ups, some ideas are destined to be said than done.

The past week went like a rush, literally and figuratively. While writing entries in my journal, I was quite surprised with the tasks I accomplished. It felt fulfilling not until I realized that there are more things needed to be attended. Like a presentation, unanswered emails, and requests from freelance clients. I guess I have to postpone my longest plan of getting a haircut. Thinking about everything already drains me. :p The least I wanted is to look good, especially when I encounter my crush :p Hahahaha It's been weeks since I last saw him... after the Facebook incident, which I will relate in the future. Hahahaha

Newest and weirdest hobby lately  - I'm starting to like origami again. Even though the paper crafts will be useless, I enjoy producing anything from paper. In my mind though, I hope this will lead to somewhere worthwhile. 

What weekend mornings are made of - All time favorite suman and taho for breakfast

And another weekend scene - Slow breakfast, movie marathons, quiet time with the family, potato chips after dinner while watching our favorite weekend shows, these are the simplest yet priceless things I look forward. Weekends at home with the family are the best. 

Added to all of these, it was raining when I woke up yesterday. This weather is best spent in the comfiest pajamas, crisp bed sheets, softest pillows and blankets, mouth watering soup for lunch, great read and a fast internet connection. :p 

I hope to have a great week ahead. I want to receive positive news which can include a new client, another opportunity to the shallowest thought of encountering my crush. hahahahahahahahaha