I was listening to a series of TED talks while taking photos for this post. Of the talks I heard, the speaker who dealt with failures left me affected. I think this was the first time I encountered a scientific explanation of how failure alters our biological function. In an experiment, it was found that the brain activity of people who encountered failures were more active and responsive. People who failed demonstrated higher propensity for creativity and were more motivated to succeed. If this applies to all human beings, then there's something to be grateful of my current state. For a change, it's no longer an article, book or a quote from my Facebook newsfeed that moved me. Science made me believe I haven't been knocked out. 

Surprises and chances, these words best described the past week. Surprises because I found more underlying problems. There were also a few work related tasks that came along the way. It felt both tiring and fulfilling. At the end of the day though, all I wanted is accomplishment. As for chances, I made another attempt to an endeavor I failed two years ago. Part of me feels more pessimistic, as always. If I will fail again, I'll take it as my signal to move on. I'm meant for something else. Having these thoughts, I remember this article I read a month ago. Who can better speak about turning failures to success?

Setting aside my personal issues, here are other interesting links I encountered last week

Tomoro Mizuno's Pottery - Hats off to this intricate and distinct pottery design!!

A girl who decided to face her fears in 100 days summarized her full account here.

I likewise didn't expect this song to appear as a teaser for the upcoming season of The Voice.

The process of making a Pandora, gave me justification behind its expensive price. But still, way beyond my capacity. :p

What weekend mornings are made of - Taho in a slow and relaxing weekend, finding some inspiration on a planner, and the brochure of my dream camera!!! Sony a5000 is love!!! Crossing my fingers, this camera will be mine. 

Found a set of old ballerina paper dolls, these should be intended for a project that didn't push through. I found a new use for these beautiful pastel pieces. :) 

Nick Bantock's series!!!! My two books finally arrived. Thank you ThriftBooks!!! I just need two more books from The Morning Star Trilogy to complete the series. If you share the same love for letters and postcards, you will likewise enjoy Nick Bantock's series. 

It will be the last full week of February tomorrow. Two months have passed for 2017. I'm wishing for more strength, freelance work and some good news. Have a great day ahead!