This rare cold weather!!! If I'm not mistaken, the coldest temperature in Manila was recorded last week. Walking to the train station while feeling the cold breeze felt so relaxing after a long day. This is already a treat for someone who has lived in a "forever summer" city. While typing this post, I'm still enjoying the rare coldness even inside the comforts of our home.

We often equate coldness with sadness. It was actually my devil's wish for everyone on February 14. hahahaaha The weather was cold, but I'm enjoying it even on the 14th. I had evening classes and it appeared as a relief. I was spared from Valentine's Day traffic. When I was about to leave, I got invited to two different dinners. (Taraaay!) Hahahaha Unfortunately, it was not the dinner my friends were praying for. A colleague held his farewell party. On the last minute, my friend MFA wanted to have dinner. I attended both dinners so imagine how bloated I was. I felt like Baymax. :D My mind was screaming for exercise but my body had other issues. I had a bad case of back pain and stiff neck. Borrowing John Green's line, pain demands to be felt. The struggle is real until this day. My only consolation, the degree of pain is gradually diminishing everyday. 

Aside from what seems to be an endless food marathon, here are the other good things that made the past week. 

What relaxing weekends are made of - Writing and reading existing entries from my planner and having a different breakfast. I love French Baker's raisin bread and newly discovered Amor bakery's thin sliced cookies.

Papemelroti's limited edition postcard - Before meeting my friend MFA, I dropped by SM Department store for some toiletries. I was surprised seeing a Papemelroti postcard hidden on the shelves. Part of me believes that someone intentionally left it. :) No one claimed ownership, so I took the card. I checked out the nearest Papemelroti branch to buy more pieces. Unfortunately, the racks of cards didn't have it. I didn't anymore approach the salesladies because I was in a hurry.  A few days after, I learned why it was not available. Apparently, it was a limited edition card given to shoppers for the entire month of February. I'm happy that I got the card for free, with some stroke of luck and destiny. ;P

Everything vintage - Thank you Marieken for the vintage postcard of Nijmegen, Netherlands 

I wanted to acquire Beauty and the Beast's special edition book for the longest time. I only saw copies from Amazon and Book Depository. As expected, the cost is enough to make me forget about it. I was thinking of acquiring Funko Pop's version of Belle, Mrs. Potts' tea set or the popular Enchanted Rose in a glass instead.

In the  middle of the week, I learned that Fully Booked carries this animated and illustrated version. It is still expensive, but way cheaper than US or UK prices with the shipping fees and taxes. The book transpired as one of my expensive purchases. At some point, I felt a degree of regret for the splurge. Seems like it wasn't a wise purchase. However, when I saw the price of other Beauty and Beast souvenirs, particularly the Enchanted Rose.... I was taken aback. This local store that distributes real and preserved Ecuadorian roses, scared me. Friends, prepare Php 3,850 to 5,250!!!

Some Cath Kidston mugs :) - Thank you Mother E for saving some pieces for us. This will complete my collection.

Before the week ended, I encountered a reminder posted by a famous social media personality.

I needed this.

Unknown to probably some of you, writing my regular Sunday post is quite a challenge. Everything boils down on my difficulty of recalling the things that happened last week. Maintaining a planner to document everything may help but oftentimes, I don't write entries everyday. In addition, it's difficult to stick with the good stories. As much as I make a conscious effort to maintain a positive outlook, my pessimistic side is dominating. Having this tone now, it's easy to predict the outcome of this post. The past week was not one of my best.

I was haunted by some grown up concerns again. It amazes me how one problem breeds more problems. Thinking about everything frightens and weakens me. While addressing my struggles, people who will make everything harder will emerge. In the midst of everything, bad things will happen to good people. Undeserving beings will be endowed with the best opportunities. I have no control over other people but at the very least, all I wanted to is to surpass this struggle.

I'm wishing for more strength. Give me more time, I will find my own place.