Stressful and exhausting. This was the theme of the past week. I was running around like a headless chicken, visiting offices and seeking documents. I leave the office beyond 8 pm everyday. Five days were not enough, we had to continue the work on Saturday. There were signs of extending on Sunday. Good thing though, I had a great support system. We were all done last Saturday. We beat the deadline, but my legs are aching. I acquired colds. My eyelids are swollen for a week already. As much as I wanted to rest, the real work will happen on Monday until Wednesday. I can't wait for this event to end.

They say that being highly occupied makes you immune with some issues and nuisances in life. As the week was about to end, I had my taste of classic worklife politics. Someone used me as a scapegoat and puppet to stage the antagonist's most awaited drama. If this happened on a regular workday, there will be a long rant here. :p I will stress eat and some impulse purchase will be made. But I'm already drained to heed another adult drama. Part of me wanted to say, I'll have my own time. I'll handle everything in my own terms. But the grown up in me is overpowering. I just want a better life ahead. I wish to hear some good news, enough to outweigh some attitude problems I have to deal with. 

Meanwhile, here are the beautiful things that happened last week.

The planner seems to be my default photo every Sunday. I'm turning monotonous and predictable. But this is life ever since the year started. I don't have trips and other interesting stories to relate at the moment. Unless otherwise, everyone here would like to hear the details of my work. :) Creating automated forms in spreadsheets, discovering behavior and unearthing information from numbers, administering surveys, writing reports that no one bothers to read hahaha 

In the middle of the week, I managed to squeeze in a trip to the Post Office. I was able to score some old First Day Covers (FDC). This one features a painting of  the Tsubaki (Camellia) flower, released last March 20, 1961 in Japan. The best thing about this FDC is the intricate design of the postmark. I love the stamped illustration of the two Japanese ladies.

Another FDC I scored within the week, alongside with my other collections of used postcards. Since this FDC comes with a name of the recipient, my other hobby will finally be revived. I have yet to trace the original owner. I'm feeling excited.:)

This is my favorite score last week. Though admittedly, I find it expensive. It came from another seller, not from my favorite shop in Sta. Cruz, Manila.  I have a feeling that this postcard belongs to a national artist. It dates back 1905, originating from Cuba. I have yet to discover and make an extensive blog post about this.

Sunday is about to end and I still feel all the exhaustion. As much as I'd like to say, the "cold" never bothered me anyway hahahahaha I'm hating its existence. This is not the best time to endure any sickness. To make me feel better, another encounter with my crush might work as great antidote Hahahaha I noticed, my crush has become another default parting statement in my Sunday posts. ;)

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!