This weekend has been one of the most awaited. Contrary to expectation, I don't have travel plans or any activity to look forward. I just wanted to rest. The past work week has been the most exhausting this year. It entailed reporting for work at 7 am and leaving the workplace beyond 9 pm. Running around offices again like a headless chicken. Revising a 100 page document within the day. Waiting for results until 9 pm. I have anticipated all the exhaustion at the end of the week. Hence, I filed a leave on Friday. My rest day started with a trip in Binondo with my cousin. We walked the entire stretch of Ongpin, ate hand pulled noodles, dimsum, and capped the day with some shopping at 168 mall. I was tired but not stressed. It was refreshing, despite the summer heat and relaxing to temporarily escape from reality.

I had the best sleep last Friday. Waking up late on Saturday compensated for everything. Savoring my long bath with my favorite milk body wash, smelling my favorite Green Bamboo scent from my humidifier, beef in tamarind broth for lunch, potato chips and Coke and another opportunity to savor the best sleep. True enough, the best rest comes after the longest stress. :p

Meanwhile, here are some of the beautiful things for this week

And the default photo of the week hahaha

I have so much stories written in my planner. Some are worth sharing and the rest, I have to keep it to myself. My recent project enabled me to work with another group of colleagues. Hats off to my colleagues, who rendered unwavering support and cooperation. My heart is overflowing with gratitude. The least I can do is treat them for lunch. We ate the best barbecue and fresh green salad to end a successful endeavor. In a way, I also felt that I gained new sources of friendships. Thank you L, P, J, D, and N! Let's continue working, hoping and praying for the best! 

My loot from Binondo - When in Binondo, most people visit the popular Eng Bee Tin stores. In my case, I prefer the old Salazar Bakery. I love their ready-to-eat tikoy rolls. I also bought a childhood favorite, Haw Flakes and sunflower seeds. Also in the photo is a charm bracelet given by my cousin. Thanks Ite A!

What weekend mornings are made of - Enjoying freshly squeezed juice, brojas biscuits, and a nice coffee table book define the best weekend morning.

The upcoming week will be my last week in teaching. Where did 6 months go? I'm not sure if I will still be given the chance to teach next school year. Much of it can be explained by the transition period of the K-12 system. On the next school year, colleges and universities will not have freshmen and sophomore students. There will be lesser teaching assignments and being a part time faculty member, I'm aware that I'm not a priority. I'll be stuck with my office work, while waiting for another set of drastic changes to be implemented. 

In the last part of my previous post, I expressed my "grown up" and "childish" desire to encounter my crush. I would like to believe that some of you prayed with me. Hahahahahaha Seeing the person you admire is the best antidote for a demanding workday. I have the same wish this week. Please continue praying with me. Hahahaha A date with my crush will surely be a great material for my blog. ;)

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!