When one of my major projects ended, I thought the remaining weeks will be slow and relaxing. Monday started with an appreciation lunch for the team and the rare times I reached home early. The succeeding days went surprisingly crazy and exhausting. Receiving news about death. Discovering works to be accomplished. Cramming for preparations. Rendering my usual contribution in the pre-graduation activities. The most that drained me was something that happened before the week ended. It was one of those days when someone made me feel stupid and disrespected. My saving grace was as always, the company of a great friend. Had it not because of my friend A, I would suffer from another drama anthology. Hahahaha We spent the remaining hours of the week with pizza, pasta and tons of heartbreaking stories. Shallow as it seems, all I needed is a friend who never gets tired of listening. 

Everyone here is looking forward for the upcoming week, the Holy Week break. Everyone is on vacation mode. In my case, I'm all contented with my slow and quiet time at home. It's like the usual weekend, except that I have longer time to rest and opportunity for another family reunion. I hope one of my cousins would take time organize a family lunch or merienda. 

Meanwhile, here are some of the beautiful things that happened last week

The default photo of the week  :)

Happy Mail, thank you Terra!

A typical weekend morning

I seem to follow a default pattern in writing my Sunday posts. Pardon the boredom but my creativity juices were also drained by the summer heat. :p And for those who have been reading my posts, you can easily predict how this post will end. I saw my crush this week hahahahahaahaha Unfortunately, the encounter was useless and frustrating. (insert teenage tantrum here) Hahahaha It also didn't help that I saw some demotivating posts about him on Facebook. I somehow regret doing some online stalking.  Nevertheless, I'm not giving up. :D The battle is still alive, same goes with the setback that happened before the week ended. Aja, aja!