Hello everyone! Before anything else, Happy Easter! I hope everyone had a meaningful break. I spent the past few days at home with my family. Like the past years, I had plans. Clean my room, arrange documents, exercise, but most dealt with work related tasks. I'm happy to report that I'm done with my freelance works. Outputs were delivered and deadlines were met. 

I wanted to give myself some pat on the back for a job well done. So in between accomplished tasks, I rewarded myself with some online purchases.:p Yesterday, I also treated myself with some movie marathon. I was one of the many fans who lined up for the first screening of #FF8. Eight installments, each was released every two years. If my estimates are correct, it has been 16 years. I literally grew up with this film! I felt sadness when I saw Dominic Toretto and Bryan O'Conner parted ways on #FF7. I also got used to watching the movie, until the credits are finished. Unfortunately, #FF8 never had one of those sequel teasers. So to fellow fans, don't bother finishing the after credits. We are left guessing and waiting again. 

Meanwhile here are the few beautiful things that made my most awaited break. 

Summer rain and a gloomy Easter Sunday - We have been experiencing rain showers in the afternoon. It's a great way to end a long summer day. 

Afternoon picnics and summer sunsets at home - You know you're getting old when you start appreciating silence, stillness, and all the comforts of home. 

Found some inspiration and ideas from postcards

Good Friday treats - It has always been a family tradition to cook Filipino merienda on Good Friday. Over the past years, we even had family reunions. This year, there was no reunion organized. Quite sad, but I enjoyed my quiet time with my own family. 

Another weekly round up - More stickers and post its!!!! Lately, I realized that my definition of happiness and relaxation meant writing entries in my planner and playing with my collection of colorful post its and stickers.

So much thoughts are running in my head while writing this post. Much of it are grown up concerns, priorities and life plans in general. My thoughts are all scattered. It doesn't help that I'm watching a stressful movie, those that deals with unfaithful husbands. Hahaha I'm nowhere close in experiencing such problem. Going back, I wanted to express my constant wish lately. And no, it's all about my crush again. Hahahaha I'm on that stage of trying to figure things out, defining directions and discovering my path. It doesn't help that time is not on my side. My age and responsibilities add to the list of pressures. So much things scare me, but once in a while, I find refuge on unexpected people and places. 

I guess those things that happen in between make up for everything. Hopefully, I'll be able to figure things out. Borrowing some lines from this stressful movie, we are stronger than our weaknesses. :)