The month of April flew so fast for me. A few weeks ago, I remember feeling sentimental because another semester has ended. Then the annual graduation came, with our usual role behind the scenes. The Holy Week came in perfect timing as it provided the much needed break. The happenings over the past week were too much for me. It felt like a week was not enough for everything. The week started fine, some good things happened in between but in the end, there were so much worries, disappointments and some questions of regrets?  I always have the tendency to overanalyze everything. While I advocate for simplicity, there are days when paralysis by overanalysis happen to me. I'll be faced with the most analyzed options. In the end, I will make the least reasonable decision. Beat that! Hahaha When will I really grow up? 

While I'm trying to figure out everything, I'm ending this post with my favorite photo this week. We had our annual summer outing at the workplace in a beach somewhere in Batangas. I originally planned to write a long post. Unfortunately, some minor yet stressful concern came along the way. My mobile phone broke down. :( A replacement is NOT in the budget. As consequence, my plan to acquire my dream Sony Camera a5000 will be set aside. (Insert selfish and childish cry hahahaha)

On the positive side, we're having an unexpected long weekend. Hoping to spend it making the best memories.