I was trying to figure out the best word to summarize the week. The first word that came to my mind, revelation. I had too much of it in one week, both on the positive and negative sides. Of all the things revealed to me, something disheartening stood out. It made me question some friendships I nurtured many years ago. I thought those years were more than enough to withstand anything. As it appears, I never learned. Even the strongest and longest friendships can be withered. While my heart is yearning to save what has been left, my attempts planted more wounds. It made me discover more things I wished I never knew.

Burning bridges has always been my last option. I've done it once and I don't intend to be in the same place again. Even if it meant, the bridges I burned will eventually light the way. With all the circumstances, I guess I have to stick with the good old ways. Hold on to my silence and wait for the day when I can say, all wounds have been healed.

While another sad experience dominated the past week, there are still some positive stories that happened in between. First on the list is the unexpected long weekend. Aside from the Labor Day, work was suspended last Friday. I gained some freelance works and the usual pre-weekend dinner with my friend A. Here are other beautiful things that made the past week through photos.

The most awaited meet up with my Cath Kidston Sisters - Hi Mother E and Leah! Almost half of my Saturday was spent with them. Great food, stories and some shopping escapade for my friends. This makes me remember, I wasn't able to buy anything for myself. Accomplishment!!!!! Haha 

Happy Mail -Thank you for the postcards, Marieken and Terra It is always a great day whenever I arrive home with your postcards. 

Because I failed to post my journal entry last week, I'm making two entries. :) My recent journal addiction is the clear stamps from National Bookstore. It took me some time before giving in because finding an acrylic block was a challenge. I was able to purchase one from Lazada and another from an Instagram based seller. Also in the photo are vintage stickers and labels, another journaling item I love to hoard lately. 

And another set of items that define my shallow happiness - Book from Mother E, personalized cards from Leah, vintage stickers and the free postcard from Papemelroti.

I'm typing this post on a Sunday night with my usual quiet time with my family. Watching The Voice, potato chips, Coke and finding some humor in between. While I'm thankful for the holiday break, I can't believe that it's ending tomorrow. I'm trying to recall what have I accomplished. If rest can qualify, I guess I had too much of it. :p 

I wanted to end this post on a positive note. I'd like to believe that there's always a silver lining behind everything. I probably lost something valuable today. Perhaps, the space left can make room for emerging friendships and opportunities I have yet to explore.

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!