I'm typing this post feeling a little relieved. For a change, I think I'm starting my Sunday post on a positive note. :p My happiness radiates from some discovered solutions to my list of grown up struggles. The grip around my neck is starting to loosen up. While everything is still uncertain, I'm starting to feel optimistic because of the little progress I'm making. Hopefully, everything will turn out as planned.

I was "home alone" at the workplace the past week. Most of my colleagues were on vacation leave. The atmosphere felt melancholy, silence was deafening, but I was able to accomplish my tasks. There's something about silence and stillness that make me motivated and productive. To keep me alive and entertained, I steal office hours by browsing my Facebook newsfeed. :p There were a number of events that sparked discussions enough for one month. Starting with the elected government official who left an insensitive label to unmarried mothers. There was also the dedicated cabinet secretary whose appointment was rejected by the another set of government officials. As it appears, everything boils down on protecting some vested interests. 

Other than political issues, I will never forget the young professional who was able to produce millions in his bank account. This started several weeks ago, it was only this week when I remembered everything. Unfortunately, the expected admiration was overpowered by criticism. While he gained my respect from the discipline in saving, I cannot dismiss the opinions of the netizens. True enough, it was not impossible to raise millions from someone who earns a six-digit rate. His intention to become an inspiration didn't work out. More than the negative sentiments, this case captured my interest in the field of image management, social media branding, analytics and the like. Is there a profession dedicated in planning and building social media image? I can already identify a list of potential clients, those who once tainted their reputation with a mere post from their social media account.

Setting aside all these news and controversies, here are the beautiful things that made the past week

What weekend mornings are made of , a coffee table book, sunrise and a slice of my favorite cake

Messy planner output this week

My Melody and a witty quote :p - 90s kids who love everything about Sanrio will love this My Melody toy from every Mc Donald's Happy Meal

Philip & Ana's maiden book - I'm thrilled to receive a free copy from a friend. Thanks Mother E! Know more about the book and the company here.

Me and my love for vintage diecast cars  - My grown up boy's wish is to collect these beetle cars in different colors. 

I'm typing this post while watching some late night news. I somehow regret it because I'm beginning to absorb all the negativities. :p I gained some unnecessary stress. So much frustrations and disappointments around. This is one of the major reasons why I love to stick with my K. dramas. Sure, it would make me dumb and hopeless. But heck, the absence of unnecessary stress seem to be so worth it. 

Meanwhile, my family will be on a road trip tomorrow. We'll be visiting some relatives in the province. I'm looking forward to have a great time. By this, I mean my relatives would stop asking me when will I get married. :p I guess the blame goes to my crush who cannot compensate all the attention and efforts I'm giving. Hahahahahahaahaha

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!