Before anything else, Happy Mother's Day!!!! I've been waiting for this day weeks ago. It's the rare chance I get to treat my mother on a weekend. These days, it's quite a challenge to encourage my senior citizen parents to go out. We went to the mall, had great lunch and did some shopping. I also took advantage of the time to return the defective iPhone I received from my plan. :( Actually, much of my weekend was consumed by that phone. I was able to use it for several hours until it died and went to iCloud heaven. :p Part of the photos for this Sunday posts were taken by it's camera, which I failed to back up. Award! hahaha I was able to salvage some photos from my old phone. 

I was tempted to use the word revelation for this post. It was another week when I discovered something that changed the way I view some people and I guess, life in general. My doubts were confirmed. I was able to open another can of worms. Over time, I gained this grown up realization of how ignorance define real bliss. The unfortunate trade-off of knowing the truth includes having doubts, confusion and losing that hard earned trust. The irony of trust, it takes years to build and a snap to ruin everything. It sounds like I'm on my way to deliver a negative blog post. :p

On the positive side, some great news came along the way. In the middle of the week, I received my teaching evaluation results. The testimonies of my students were enough to make me believe on the rare times I've done something right in my life. :p I accomplished all my errands on Friday. I finished and gained another set of freelance works. The past week could have been less exhausting if I had sightings and interaction with my crush. ahahahaha 

Meanwhile, here a few photos I was able to salvage from the past week

I toured my friend M in my hometown last Saturday. The real intention was for her to try Rustic Mornings by Isabelo. We finished early so we visited the nearby Shoe Museum. Though much of the collections belong to the popular former first lady, the place is still worth a visit. 

Left is the photo of an old church in my hometown - Honestly, I wasn't impressed with this church. It took a friend to make me appreciate its structure and the spacious area it provides.

On the right is a beach front somewhere in Batangas - It wasn't another vacation, some errands enabled me to discover this area yet to be developed.

Unexpected meet up with my friend T - They forced me to treat them at our favorite pizza place. Hahaha 

French macarons is love - A few of the treats I savored during Mother's Day

Breakfast at Rustic Mornings by Isabelo - Goodbye exercise hahahaha 

While typing this post, my legs feel so heavy from all the walking I've done this week. Same as with my arms filled with strips of Salonpas. Proof that I needed to shed off some weight. :p

I was looking forward to have a relaxing week. Unfortunately, the activities lined up spells another exhausting story. I'm also feeling quite rattled because of some pending works ahead. Wishing everyone a great week ahead! Hopefully, it's a little less exhausting than mine. :)