Life and its cycles. It was one of those weeks when I sit down and become involved in accomplishing a recurring task. If my memory serves me right, it has been 6 or 7 years. While it has been the same activity, its outcome remains unpredictable. On the rare times, I ended the day feeling fulfilled and grateful. In most cases, something sad and frustrating is bound to happen. This task eventually brought me another recurring realization. There's a different system governing the world of grownups. 

As a kid, I was taught to help anyone in need. In the world of grownups, helping sometimes means an opportunity to emphasize one's inferiority and highlight another person's superiority. A person who never apologize and admit shortcomings eventually become praiseworthy. When did pride and ego become a measure of strength and superiority? This is way contrary to that classic childhood reminder that being good meant being humble, admitting mistakes and saying sorry. As kids, everyone is encouraged to make friends. In the world of adulthood, one becomes selective in accepting and initiating friendships. We try to protect ourselves from people who befriend us for a selfish purpose. 

On the positive side, I love how the world of adults redefine happiness in its simplest and shallowest form. Handwritten notes never fail to warm my heart. I don't remember having the same level of appreciation as a kid. A pat from the back, hug and those appreciative gestures will be more than enough to make my day.  

I guess I'm making a long and serious post. To lighten up things, here are some photos that made the past week

Some postcards showcasing my dream space - Having my own library still counts both as a childhood and grown up dream

Journal entry for this week - Looking at my planner, I worried a lot about something this week. ;p Only to find out that 90%  of it did not happen. Hahaha 

Another thing that consumed me this week, the defective iPhone I received from my plan. The phone kept shutting down on its own. It was the third time I visited Power Mac's service center in SM North Edsa. I feel so exhausted and irritated.

I gave in to the white Keds sneakers :p -  I was reluctant to purchase a white pair of sneakers because it easily acquires dirt and looks too bare and simple. Unfortunately or fortunately, I have been surrounded by people who were able to wear the pair with "class" and "style." :p Though its color does not complement my dark skin tone, I love that this pair feels so soft and comfortable. Better than my usual pair of flats because of the thicker sole support. 

Meanwhile, in my efforts to console myself :p Found some refuge in an old book

It's been weeks since I was able to devote a Saturday night for a blog post. I miss Saturdays like this. Watching weekend shows with my parents, potato chips and a decent internet connection. I was occupied with freelance works over the past weeks and the defective iPhone unit is testing my patience. I'm hoping to be given a replacement unit. I can't accommodate another diagnostic test that will declare the absence of problems. When I eventually use the phone, another set of previously undetected issues will arise. I will again return to Power Mac and ..... the same cycle will recur. Seriously, I'm beginning to lose trust with Power Mac's service center and Apple's devices.

Wishing everyone a great week ahead! Hopefully, better than mine :p