I'm typing this post at 2:35 am. I started three hours ago and thought I was halfway done. Somewhere along the way and my grumbling stomach, I decided to change everything. I sounded too preachy. I felt like I was writing a pretentious reflection paper. :p Well, I have the same sentiment in some of my old posts. I cringe when I reread them. 

Whenever I write my regular Sunday post, I try my best to identify a word that can capture the previous week. This week, the nearest I can identify is rattled. I'm all for silence, stillness and stability in all aspects of my life. In reality however, more than half of my life has been a compilation of different downstream and upstream. I wallow in sadness and frustration. I celebrate little accomplishments. Most of the time though, I survive by allowing things to settle on its own. I make plans but I admit, I rarely become creative or goal driven over the past years. So when another set of wave arrives, I easily get rattled and shaken. In effect, I overanalyze everything. I worry about things that eventually don't happen. My friends can attest to my irritating and stressful coping mechanism. :p 

I think I've written so much boring and serious thoughts. Let me lighten up by sharing some photos from the past week.

Weekly Planner Mess and a reminder to enjoy all the little things, which I did for this weekend - I had enough sleep, TV series marathon, and some great food at home. Speaking of great food, I had a lot this week. In effect, my weekly exercise marathon became useless. 

My Beatrix Potter's book collection is alive again. I wish to complete the 23 books in this green hardbound edition. I was lucky to score some copies from Book Sale and a few sellers via Instagram. Please help me complete my collection, tag me or email me stores that offer this vintage edition. 

And here's another vintage book I scored this week, Guess How Much I Love You is a perfect father's day book.

Recently, I often visit the children's book section of bookstores. There's something about children's books that can unearth and captivate the kid-at-heart of every grown up. I also feel that children's book are more challenging to write. (Consider this as one of my ultimate life goals now.) My recent favorites include The Day the Crayons Quit, Missing Mommy and The Heart and the Bottle

Thankful for having a Dad who supported all my endeavors.

Unfortunately, I failed to upload this post on a Sunday. :( In a few more hours, I'm back to work again. I hope this week brings me something great to look forward. I maybe rattled again. I'm hoping that some sources of happiness will come along the way. My friends and the Big Boss above know how to make it happen. ;) Insert one of my life's current OSTs.