The past week was exhausting in a good way. I started the week feeling lousy and unproductive. It was one of those Mondays when I have to drag myself to start moving. (I guess all Mondays were designed that way. :p) The succeeding days felt almost the same. I tried my best to feel motivated and inspired. Nothing seemed to change. My only consolation was the company of great friends. The short one hour lunch break with them was a life saver. Unlike what other people might think about us, we never had those backstabbing sessions. Our own lives were more than enough to create the perfect lunch break riot recipe. :p 

While the past week has not been so good, the weekend made up for everything. I spent the entire Saturday in BGC. I meet up with my friend A, we had chicken wings from Wing Stop, tried Tim Hortons for the first time, and supported Mother E and her company's book launch. BGC is a great place. Unfortunately, the Manila girl in me feels intimidated whenever I visit places like Ayala Avenue and BGC. The towers, luxurious cars, high rise residences, boutiques of signature brands make me feel that I'm not in the Philippines. :p It also doesn't help that I still can't navigate the entire area. However, I appreciate the open spaces, parks, trees and pedestrian friendly streets. So I guess getting lost in BGC may not be a bad idea after all. 

Meanwhile, here are the other beautiful things that happened last week.

Hello from my weekly planner mess

Bidding farewell to my current favorite pair of shoes - Next week, I'm back to my office uniform again. I have to wear the same clothes for 10 months. I will surely miss my comfiest jeans, shirt and everything laid back. 

I'm developing deeper appreciation for non-fiction books, even though some principles don't work for me. I just enjoy reading varied and interesting point of views. 

Big thanks to my friend A for this beep card (train card)! Wonder Woman is love!!!

My lifetime and grown up mantra :D - Read books, sleep more, and laugh so hard. If these three happen in one day, then I'm all done and thankful.

Snippets from Philip & Ana's book launch for Francesca, Isa, Dalawa Sorpresa - Thank you for the invite Mother E! It was my first time to see Pottery Barn, whose kids and baby section interest me than the living room showcase. I later realized this was the first event I attended as a blogger.

I wanted to end this post on a positive note. I recently watched a TedTalk that deals with achievements. While everything sounds so inspiring, the actual work depends on the path that needs to be constructed. Added to this, the roadblocks that never fail to get in the way. While there is always a way to surpass everything, I'm also concerned with a common yet least discussed pitfall. When people lose or become confused with their ambitions. I'm a guilty soul here. So much in my list, tried to simplify everything, and ending to be confused, frustrated and become a failure at the end of the day. Life and its never ending complexities. I guess, I'm beginning to sound non-sense here. :) Apologies, but my mind is occupied with scattered thoughts. I probably need some redirection, another inspiration or just some point of relaxation. 

Wishing everyone a great week ahead! And for my Filipino friends, enjoy the long weekend!!!