First week of June! I'm trying to recall everything that happened over the past week. The opening of the annual sports fest at the workplace, unexpected dinner with a friend, seeing some of my financial plans are working out and rewarding myself with some treats on Friday. I planned to do some decluttering activity on weekend. As expected, I failed to finish because I'm always distracted. Checking my social media accounts every now and then, encountering some random notes and items and sometimes, wallowing in useless thoughts, realizations and life plans. I guess my emotional hormones are overreacting these days. I feel highly sensitive to the extent that the local actress who can't fluently speak Filipino in a travel show is irritating me. I swear, I'm in the brink of bringing my exasperation in my Twitter account. :p 

I'm avoiding to write another negative post. In my effort to recall something that made me smile last week, I almost forgot my mother's birthday. We had a small celebration at home. Like the usual years, we had special food shared with some of our relatives. I love my mother except when she opens a topic I refuse to discuss. When will the one arrive? :p This made me remember an incident that happened a few weeks ago. A family friend visited my parents because they wanted me to become one of the principal sponsors for her daughter's wedding. My mother made the most hilarious reaction. She expressed her intense protest. (My mother seemed to forget that her daughter is already 30 plus years old.  Hahahaha) She was afraid because I might not anymore get married once I start to become a wedding sponsor. As it appears, my mother is still hoping that there's someone out there. So to those who also love my mother, you can easily guess the best birthday gift. Pray for me and my pathetic heart. :p If only I can bring my mother to convince my "crush at the workplace," then the entire home will finally be in peace and harmony. Hahahahaha

Meanwhile, here are some photos that made the past week

Weekly Planner Mess

Postcards from Terra - They all arrived on the same week. Thank you Terra!!! You words always inspire me.

And the last photo was inspired by my mother  hahahahahaha

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!