I have always been fascinated with subscription boxes. I love the idea of receiving a box of surprise goodies every month. The first subscription boxes I encountered contained Korean based beauty products. Over time, I noticed the growing variety from clothing, food and accessories. Recently, I discovered a Japan based subscription box. It was one of the random ads that appear in my Facebook newsfeed. I rarely click ads, except when the product featured interests me. I first saw Tokyo Treat's subscription boxes. Upon, browsing its website, I discovered its affiliate brand, YumeTwins. While Tokyo Treat compiles packed snacks, YumeTwins deals with everything kawaii. Kids at heart who love Japanese toys, stationery, and other knick knacks will love YumeTwins.

I wanted to try both Tokyo Treat and YumeTwins. While reading all the information in the website, I discovered that both brands provide an opportunity for bloggers. Those who wish to receive a free box for review can submit their application via email. You can secure the details here. Fortunately, my request was granted. I was qualified for the May subscription box. The only downside, the box arrived on the last day of May. :p I even have to make follow up visits in the Post Office. Nevertheless, I'm still happy that everything arrived.

Unboxing my first Kawaii box

What I received from YumeTwins

1. Sailor Mercury plush toy - Brings back some childhood memories from the Japanese anime, Sailor Moon

2. Rilakkumma New Year Mochi - Yes, it's an edible Rilakkuma. What I thought as a library bell turned out to be two pieces of mochi. 

3. Rilakkuma Shampoo Bottle - Another Rilakkuma item :) I plan to place my favorite body wash in this kawaii bottle. 

4. Tsum Tsum Cosmetic Pouch- Sheer cuteness! It's a Japan licensed item so this can't be purchased from any other store.

5. Sanrio Cozy Socks - Pompompurin is love! Here's another Sanrio brand that I miss because the lone distributor of Sanrio products in the Philippines closed its last branch. I miss Gift Gate. :( 

6. YumeTwins Monthly Magazine - Even the magazine is kawaii. It features the monthly products,  and updates of future boxes.

Overall, I was happy with the first subscription box I received. I kept some of the items for myself and the rest was shared to my niece.

For those who are interested, visit YumeTwins website here. They ship worldwide and best about everything, it's free. Order your first box and get ready to be surprised with everything kawaii.

Learn more about YumeTwins through Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Thank you YumeTwins!