Looking back, this has to be one of my longest weeks. It started with the holiday last Monday and the suspension of work on Tuesday. The weather disturbance gave me more time to accomplish my teaching tasks. Despite having enough rest and sleep, I was struggling for productivity when I returned for work. In the middle of everything, I had my own share of sad and distressing encounters. One was the melancholic yet meaningful dialogue with a colleague. I almost ended with another crying episode. On a positive note, it always feels great to share grown up sentiments with an equally burdened person.

Before the week ended, an inconsiderate member of the male populace played an offensive joke on me. I was placed on a pathetic trap, designed to contribute to his selfish empowerment. He probably aims for an egocentric story to brag among his friends. It felt no different with rude men who took advantage of helpless females inside public transports. It feels even worse because I knew the person and assumed that we respect each other. I held on to my composure and made all means to escape that disrespecting conversation. While I can't prevent situations like this to happen again, the least I did is to discretely eliminate all possible connections with this person.

The negative experience maybe overpowering me. Amidst everything, some pleasant surprises came along the way. My pending freelance work was already accomplished. My client also referred me to another client. I'm feeling optimistic because I was already hired for the project. It's another long weekend and I'm enjoying my quiet time at home. The colder weather is conducive for resting. My skin feels better. My usual dizziness attacks in the afternoon is gone, at least for the weekend. Other beautiful things that happened last week are summarized in these photos

Default photo of the week : weekly planner mess - We are nearing the last months of the year which also means, I'm about to finish an entire planner. I will surely reread all entries before the year ends. I'm also in search for my 2018 planner. I'm eyeing this floral planner from Kate Spade. I hope National Bookstore will carry it for a reasonable price. But with how the US $- Php exchange rate is going, it will surely be overpriced.

Spent the entire day at the mall last Saturday, but ended not purchasing anything expensive. Instead, I bought a lot of takeaway food and a second hand book from Biblio. Finally, I have my own copy of Children's Letters to God. Best about everything, it's a second hand copy that looks so brand new.

My current favorites : Clinique Happy, Olay's Anti-Ageing Serum, and a pair of denim ballet flats from a local seller. Olay's Anti-Ageing Serum is a life saver. I no longer have incidents of skin peeling whenever the colder weather arrives. The formulation dries up easily and does not cause oiliness. 

As for the ballet flats, I think I found a great substitute for my favorite pair of Yosi Samra. These days, a pair of Yosi Samra retails from Php 3,500 to 5,000. I also noticed that its quality deteriorated over time. Big thanks to Instagram and some friends, I found a local seller that produces garterized flats without the hefty price tag. 

Friday night situation - A few paper works, a coffee table book, and red wine to cap off another week

Hours before typing this post, I had a great dinner with my family over a feel good TV show. I sound so repetitive but weekend nights like these are priceless. It's more than enough to make me feel that each tiring week is compensated. The long hours of commuting, dissatisfying forces at work and all those nuisances are nothing when weekend comes. However, this doesn't mean that I'm contented with everything around me. Some things I hope will improve include the public transport system, road infrastructures, at least alleviate the never ending traffic and what I feel everyone prays for, an environment that protects and values every human life. Unfortunately, watching the news and reading my Facebook newsfeed gave me sources of unnecessary stress. It's quite a challenge to feel inspired and spread some light of optimism these days.

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!