Saying hello to September! Nearing the last quarter of the year and for us Filipinos, it signals the arrival of the merriest season. In my case, the month marks a significant milestone. I started working exactly 13 years ago. It took me 5 months of job search and 13 companies to finally land on the job I wanted. I stayed with the same company (Beat that fellow millenials! Hahaha), transferred to another position, went to different job assignments and worked my way for the opportunity to teach. Along this journey, I met people who became mentors, friends, inspirations and learning opportunities, a better way to address my enemies. ;) A few became close to my heart, they rejoiced, laughed and cried with me. Some captured my heart and broke it later, without them knowing. Hahahaha While it always feels great to rekindle the past years, time demands that I wear the shoes of maturity. There's no more turning back. All efforts must be directed to move forward.

In other news, the two national holidays last week was the best. Maybe years ago, times like these would mean a trip to the mall or a brief getaway with friends. These days, I'm all excited for rest, sleep, soft and white bed sheets, food delivery, coffee table books and emails about freelance works. Yes, I'm becoming a hermit. :p Though I love the quiet life at home, going out once in a while still excites me. Meeting good old friends, discovering new restaurants, going back to hometown favorites, finding treasure from Booksale and those random and unplanned trips with my cousins. An additional treat these days include the colder temperature, fast internet connection and a great playlist. I've been listening to Boyz II Men since Friday and discovered nice renditions of other groups. 

Meanwhile, here are other beautiful things that happened last week

Backyard scene - I haven't seen my Father's backyard for months already. Blame it on the rain and my laziness. The bed has always been my constant companion since the rainy season started. So much has changed, especially the variety of crops planted.

Weekly Planner Mess - I'm not happy with how my weekly entry appeared. Focusing on the entries, it's a week of sadness, farewells and a drop of excitement.

Saturday afternoon scene - Coffee table books, postcard, letters, melon juice and palitaw for afternoon snacks 

Emptying my bag on a Friday afternoon - Sweets from Japan, favorite denim jacket, another favorite coffee table book and as always, wine to cap off another week.

Every time September arrives, I never fail to see "Wake me up when September ends" in my social media feed. I admit, I'm one of those who abused the line several years ago. I'm not sure if most people feel a level of negativity when September arrives. In my case, I felt optimistic. More often than not, the best things in my life happen on the last quarter of the year.  I will continuously hold on to this belief, hoping it would attract all the best things. While the past months has its own challenges and pleasant surprises, much of it will be concluded or answered before the year ends. 

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!