I didn't realize how exhausted I was when Saturday came. I slept the entire day. I felt weak and sluggish. My back and shoulders were sore and heavy. I must have slept on the wrong position again. In the evening, I had dinner with my family, watched our favorite weekend shows and wasted the entire time with my social media accounts. I was trying to recall what happened last week that consumed all my energy. I always went home late. I attended to some challenging freelance clients. The work required is manageable, but attitude is another story. :p Added to this, I can't figure out my way to a "special assignment." I swear, I will treat myself big time once this task is done. Even though I don't earn or gain anything from it. This has been the story of my life. More so, my journey to weight expansion. :D

Speaking of contributing factors to weight expansion, I need to pay for a lot this week. I'm so guilty of overeating. It started with shawarma rice in Escolta with my friend A. The next day, I had an unexpected dinner with my friends T and M. New York's finest, spicy chicken wings and Charlie Chan from Yellow Cab define heaven!!! Setting aside all the fats and cholesterol, I'm beyond grateful for the company of great friends. How many friends will conquer time, distance and the demands of their everyday lives to comfort you, even in the middle of the week? 

Aside from great friends, here are other beautiful things that happened last week.

Backyard scene at dusk - Thankful to my Dad who cleared the backyard and ensures a supply of organic produce for the family

Wine, coffee table books and some mail from Terra before dusk. I'm beginning to love the scenery at home during sunsets. 

Weekly Planner Mess - I'm counting the months before 2017 ends. Like the past years, I hope the last quarter of the year will be easier and happier. 

Sunday afternoon scene - Slept the entire day again and woke up to this favorite Filipino snack.

Before the week ended, I encountered another case of someone who traded reputation and principles for some personal gains. While it's easier to feel disgust, I'm leaning to feel regret. She burned bridges in favor one powerful person, who endowed her with some personal gains. Unfortunately, I became one of her "silent casualties." While I usually confront my issues, I held on to my silence this time. I don't have the energy to engage in another confrontation. I don't anymore see myself rekindling any friendship. Sad, but it's my way of avoiding all those heavy emotional baggage.  

I'm counting the hours before another week starts. My body still feels tired and weak. Some online retail therapy might heal me. :D I've been eyeing a nice top from Plains and Prints. But I wanted to instill discipline to myself for two reasons, the expensive December holidays and the Manila International Book Fair on Wednesday. I'm having second thoughts because I still have a pile of unread books at home. Although I've been wanting to score some discounted coffee table books.  Things We Love and All in Good Taste by Kate Spade, Cupcakes and Cashmere by Emily Schuman, and some heart warming children's books. Last year, I went home with two bags from Fully Booked. I don't intend to repeat the same shopaholic adventure this year. :p Let's see, let's see. ;) 

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!