As of typing this post, the main website of the Manila International Book Fair (MIBF) remains inaccessible. It has exceeded it's bandwith limit, probably because of the continuous outpour of hits. With this post, I hope I can provide useful information to readers trying to get information about the event.

I started attending the MIBF last year. Although I have heard of the event in the past few years, I never attempted to join. I thought everything was devoted for academic related books and publications. I learned that almost all bookstores and publishing companies in the country are participating from fellow Filipino bloggers. Last year, I attended an errand to a nearby government agency. I finished early so I took advantage of the time to see the event. I had an unexpected book shopping spree that caused damage to my credit card. :D This year, I was having second thoughts. I don't want to splurge again. On the last minute, I gave in. But this time, my will power was stronger. I took home one book. I'll share it on my next Sunday post. (Edit: I showed it on the end of this post. #LowEQ Hahaha)

Here are some photos from the event. 

The setup of the event remained the same. I think even the arrangement and assignment of booths. The fair requires a minimal admission fee. However, those who wish to save can print any of these passes given by Summit Books, National Bookstore, or UST Publishing House. (just click the hyperlinks)

A map showcasing the layout of the exhibitors is posted near the registration area.

Most exhibitors are situated on the ground floor. This year, another set up was arranged on the second floor. I'm inclined to believe that the organizers were able to recruit more exhibitors. I spent most of my time in the ground floor, which is dominated by National Bookstore and Fully Booked.

Here are the interesting booths and items on the ground floor.

Most books here are under the genre of spiritual and self-help reads.

I'm happy to see Tradewinds Books here. I first encountered this bookstore at Silahis Center in Intramuros. They offer Philippine based publications in fields of art, history, literature and politics. Check out this post to know more about Tradewinds Bookstore.

If you know someone who needs to be educated about the Martial Law years, visit Tradewinds Bookstore. They have a number of good publications about Philippine history. 

Goodwill Bookstore is still alive. The last branch I visited was in SM Megamall, back in my college years. :) They still offer some hard to find textbooks for academic use.

Hometown find, the Book Museum in Marikina is present in the event.  Learn more about the Book Museum in my past post here.

Hats off to Rex Bookstore for always coming up with the best booth.

Oyayi TV, a child friendly show endorsed by DepEd and National Council for Children's Television, offers merchandise from books, toys and DVDs.

WS Pacific Publications is a go to place for children's books and educational toys. They have Disney books, puzzles, and other educational items for kids. Perfect for those who have plans of early Christmas shopping for kids.

As always, National Bookstore as the biggest exhibitor

Aside from books, art materials and office supplies are also available. I'm not sure if such items are are also on sale.

Like the previous years, books in National Bookstore are discounted from 30% to 50%. Best sellers from Lang Leav, Cecelia Ahern, David Levithan, John Green are always fully stocked.

Here are some interesting titles from Anvil Publishing. I love the new designs of these Filipino literature classics.

Summit's booth looks so sad. It would have been great if they offer a complete line up of their publications, especially the best sellers. Most items available are back issues of magazines and discounted copies of a few books.

A good number of exhibitors are publishing houses owned by religious groups.

Daughters of St. Paul has great selections of spiritual books and religious items.

Claretian Publications

Kerygma Books

Catholic Book Center has the most number of religious items. I love the nativity scene figurines and other Christmas decors.

And my main destination!!!!

Fully Booked offers 20% discount. But just to be sure, verify final prices through their Customer Service counter or any their accommodating staff. And like the previous years, they have a very organized cashiering system. 

Same as last year, The Little Prince is well stocked in Fully Booked.

Surprised to see local publications in Penguin Classics!!!!

Inside Out books both for the kids and kids at heart

Fully Booked has great selections of children's books and toys.

Classic literature in exquisite and elegant covers

Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys in classic covers, I'm not sure if there's anyone here who can relate with this genre? ;)

Tip: Belle's Diary is cheaper in National Bookstore by a hundred pesos ;)

Some book regrets :( didn't know that Neil Gaiman wrote something for the younger readers. The pop out book of Guess How Much I Love You retails for only Php 299, without the 20% discount yet.

Been wanting to purchase any of these books since last year. Title starts at Php 899 and up.

Happy to see some a cheaper copy of Train Man! If you are looking for a light, funny and romantic read, try this title. It retails for Php 599 without the 20% discount yet.

Another item in my list of regrets - These picture books are so entertaining. Imagine a journal, scrapbook and sketches documenting everything about Tokyo.

I was hoping to score a discounted copy of Cupcakes and Cashmere. Unfortunately, no copy was available. Most coffee table books I saw were limited to these

So much cookbooks

Almost bought Aimee Song's book

Same with Kate Spade's All in Good Taste

I also checked out the booths in the second floor. Most of the exhibitors are offering educational items for kids. Also, National Bookstore offered an extended booth in this area.

Local publishing company Lampara offering good selections of children's books

I forgot the merchant where I saw this. I love that it featured a local setting.

Adarna House Publishing

Overall, I enjoyed my second MIBF experience. This was my first attempt to visit on the first day. I was hoping to see more interesting titles, so I joined the crowd on the opening day. But truth to be told, I think the best days to visit is Friday or weekend mornings. I arrived late afternoon and some shelves were already empty, especially in Fully Booked.  Last year, all shelves were still fully stocked even on the third day. This made me believe that shops are replenishing items on the succeeding days.

And the lone book I took home

I've been walking around Fully Booked for quite some time and thought I was going home empty handed. While there were a lot of titles, nothing was in my wish list. I almost bought Kate Spade's All in Good Taste to console myself. I like the book, but it wasn't in my priority list. But after checking the pile of the few and rarely visited coffee table books, I found another title from Kate Spade. I have been wanting to purchase, Things We love for the longest time. It's Kate Spade's 20th anniversary publication. I bought the two remaining copies with a friend. It was a great deal, even when I promised to spend a maximum of Php 1,000. ;)