And they are finally complete 

It has been my dream to complete Kate Spade's book series. While I love the bags and would love to own more, I'm also interested with her books. I've been amazed with both the business and creative side of the brand.

Kate Spade, as a person, will always be one of my favorite game changers. Like many of us, she started as a typical employee. She used her time as a fashion editor to earn and learn. Her knowledge, interest and perseverance paved the way for a brand of handbags. Often associated with loud colours, bold patterns (stripes and polka dots) not to mention, huge ribbon bows. She made these styles useful and wearable. Beyond the usual element of elegance, I love that the brand incorporates a degree of quirkiness.

The hardbound collections released by Kate Spade covered varied topics. The first batch of her books were mostly entertaining guide.

Manners, Style, Occasions - These are like guide books that provide tips and suggestions on socialization. How to make and leave a great impression, unwritten etiquettes, dress codes and even on how to deal with nasty gossipers. :p I also love the watercolor illustrations in the three books. Everything looks so elegant and feminine.

All in Good Taste - It appeared to me as a guide to entertaining with hints of humor. There are recipes, anecdotes, essays and a lot of events management 101.

Places to Go, People to See - This is Kate Spade's ultimate travel coffee table book. It showcases photos and work of arts of Kate Spade in popular cities around the world. Imagine all the best fashion magazine spread compiled in one book.

She by Kate Spade is a tribute to women who worked their way to reach their achievements. It features brave and successful women across professions.

Kate Spade Things We Love is my favorite Kate Spade publication. If I were to choose one book from Kate Spade, this has to be it. The book was released in 2013 in celebration of its 20 years in the business. It relates the brand's history and featured all its iconic designs. Color blocks, ribbon bows, polka dots and some of its design principles. The entire book features elegant, inspiring and captivating photo spreads.

This is possibly the only series I successfully collected in my entire life. The last book released by Kate Spade was She. It took me a special request at Fully Booked to acquire it. Things we Love was brought from the Manila International Book Fair. The first three books are nowhere to be found in the Ph circulation.