The past week is one for the books. I took a quick trip down South to settle a family related concern. I thought I had a relaxing and quiet trip back home, not until I discovered the early morning traffic along EDSA. I tried alternate routes, the C5 road was worst. I was on the road more than three hours. When I reached home, I rushed for a quick bath and attended an afternoon learning session in Manila. On the next day at work, I joined colleagues for a possible partnership with a private company. I was overwhelmed. I didn't expect the meeting will be taken on a higher level. I'm praying that everything will get paid off. I hope our project will prosper. After a full work week, I faced another set of deadlines. I was on the brink of giving up. Too much work is counter productive. I overlooked the holiday last Tuesday. It would have been better if I took a "working" leave on Monday. I should have chosen to work from home.

In between my report writing marathon, I found myself randomly browsing old blog posts. It has become a habit on those days I feel either sad or tired. I saw my sad post for my late Lolo (grandfather). The content struck a chord with me. I think I found direction to a pending decision. I felt sad and disappointed.  Perhaps, my emotions were also heightened. With all the work and other bad things, I'm on that fragile state again.

Meanwhile, I'm enjoying my free Spotify subscription. :) This subscription is my next best favorite after Netflix. 

Today's Menu : Eat or starve ? :p - Been craving for salted egg shrimps lately
Ticked off an item from my bucket list :)

This is too late from my previous Sunday post. Deadlines were stronger. This weekend still feels the same. I have outputs to submit. I just miss those days when I still have weekends spent for doing nothing. ;) The next long holiday is still on April. March is making its presence felt on me with another set of deadlines and waiting game of responses, work and personal related.

Wishing everyone a great weekend ahead!