And just like that, it's March.

The theme of my Q1 for 2020 was deadlines. It has all been report submissions. I was exhausted in many ways. There were days when I only sleep for an hour. Anything above four hours is already a luxury. I've been deprived of laid back weekends. I miss the days when weekends meant having enough strength for early morning jog, taking afternoon naps, movie marathon and attending the Saturday anticipated mass with my mother. 

Even my two-week holiday break was filled with work. Part of it was attributed to my first large scale freelance work, which I finally completed this week. I'm hoping everything will turn out fine, end the project on a positive note and moved on to a new phase.

While being occupied is good, my entire system yearns for a simpler and less complicated life. Everything still boils down from the summer of 2019. I keep mentioning, I will write my own story in time. My closest friends knew how my life changed in the most unexpected way. It's almost a year and tbh, I still have unhealed wounds. When I thought everything is going fine, here comes another can of worms or as my friend said, another trail of trouble. This has been my own taste of what other people often say, being good does not necessarily protect you from bad people. In my case, it has become my channel of attracting another set of painful story.

Weekends have become my refuge. It's the only time of the week when life feels better. Like the past weekend, I had a great meal with my parents. My Dad taking care of everything I needed from home. There's also my mother who ensures that my room is clean, organized along with other concerns I can no longer accommodate.

On the early part of the week, I had Japanese grill with my female colleagues. Before the work week ended, I had dinner at the popular Tasty Dumplings in Binondo with my friend A. I wasn't aware the Tasty Dumplings has another branch near my route to the train station. I now have an alternative for Yin Ying or Sincerity Fried Chicken. For some reason, I felt some old town charm in that branch. Maybe next time I'll bring my camera and share photos.

Formal bag, heels and make up - not my thing but there are some days when I have to do it. A few weeks ago, I took advantage of a rare trip in SM Megamall to search for an evening dress. Karimadon saved the day. Although admittedly, the dress way above my budget. My only consolation, I hope I'll look at my best. Thinner, taller and better than my usual days.

In the midst of my workload, I feel thankful for the opportunities. It's always great to be challenged and embrace new responsibilities. But at the of the day, I go back to my struggle. I wanted a simpler and quiet life.