I will surely miss Hyun Bin on his excellent portrayal of Captain Ri Jeong Hyeok on the series, Crash Landing on You. :( The past weekend aired the last two episodes. It was too good that the 16 episodes felt short. How I wish it was prolonged to 20. I'll also miss seeing Seo Dan's outfits, the funny ajummas / BFFs from North Korea, the supportive troop of Captain Ri and Yoon Seri's excellent acting. I'll probably compile my thoughts in a separate blog post. As for the ending, I'm still half hearted about it. Although my wish that the couple be reunited in Switzerland came true. My friend Rose already warned me of the scriptwriter's style. True enough, I can see a point of resemblance with her previous projects, Legend of the Blue Sea and My Love from Another Star. 

In other news, who would have thought? Last week was stressful in many ways. A pending presentation and a report coupled with a not-so-good discovery. Again, it was one of those days when I was forced to wear the shoes of a grown up. It was confusing, stressful and to some extent, painful. I sought advice and refuge from a few friends. Having trusted people listening to me is more than enough. I may not have totally resolved the predicament, caused by another person. But having friends who took time to listen and share heartfelt concerns, made everything felt better. 

On the lighter side, this Karl Lagerfeld bag. Got it through the help of a Ph based shopper. I love it so much to the extent that I rarely use it. :p Weird but yes, I'm afraid it would easily get worn out. Other than peace of mind, I hope 2020 will be generous to me, at least in terms of my shopaholic wish list. The Tory Burch Mini Ella tote (been half hearted about it), a Louis Vuitton speedy and or wallet :p and another opportunity to travel again, this time with my friends. I wouldn't mind Hong Kong (probably after the notorious fever is finally addressed). Singapore is another nice getaway. Maybe, South Korea or the chance to visit some relatives in the US will be a major item ticked off my bucket list. 

Everything still about this Korean drama :) I will always remember Crash Landing on You for many reasons. It was one of the best series I watched. My discovery led me to reactivating my Netflix subscription. It made me like Hyun Bin, whom I initially hated from another drama, Secret Garden. It kept me company when I probably had the most stressful and painful days for 2020. I can't imagine how much more can happen on the remaining months.