I've seen fully stocked copies of The Odd 1s Out in Fully Booked early this year. I always browse a copy and leave it on the shelf later. It was interesting but expensive. Fast forward to the Manila International Book Fair last September, I decided to finally purchase. I still find it expensive even with the discount. But reviews from Goodreads convinced me to purchase. I still had doubts but after finishing the book, I think I got my hard earned money's worth. At this point, you can already feel the direction of my review. 

I've diverted from reading fiction titles. I used to read anything about business, psychology and all those serious topics. Reading became a way to unwind and escape from the demands of everyday life. This has been the main reason why I splurged on fashion, lifestyle and all those light reads. The Odd 1s Out caught my attention because it belongs to the grown up with a kid-at-heart literature. It's a book dedicated for adults, which draws insights from our childhood experiences. 

It's not hard to relate with James Rallison's experiences. All of us had that kiddie misadventures, which eventually taught and made us realise a thing or two about life. James Rallison's claim that his sister draws better might be true. But his story telling skills make him way better . He may have silly drawings, but his stories are not. The stories he had are hilarious, empathizing, and to some extent, heart warming. 

Anyone can finish the book in one sitting or probably, less than a day. It's a fast yet entertaining read. Without revealing so much details, I'm giving this book 5 out of 5 stars. 

PS My book giveaway is still ongoing, please check out my previous post for further details.