She does everything she can and everything she can't

Facebook and Instagram memories sometimes do the trick. A past status message or photo upload is more than enough to unearth a never ending saga of realisation. Past struggles, accomplishments, great times with the family, silliest adventure with friends, rare travel opportunities, farewells, failures, frustrations to a shallow reshared post. I get reminded of life years ago.

Life years ago, my never ending sentiments this year. I might eventually regret saying this but half of me wishes to have that life again. I still bear the same struggles. it's just that this time, my untouched and silent principles were shattered. Life changed mostly because of other people's decisions. I've been tempted to express everything in one status message or hide everything in one cryptic quote. But everything is already complicated to begin with. Today is not the best time to write my story. A year from now, next year, or before this year ends...

Much of my life is preoccupied with work, as if it wasn't obvious in the last 9 years in this blog. :p Once in while, I unwind in the company of great friends, food and the very bad habit of shopping. I think this year marked my highest acquisition rate for books. Same goes with other items like this Twilly d'Hermes perfume. It appears cheaper to purchase it directly from Hermes' own online store. However, a friend discovered it at the same price from Duty Free. Way better because I don't have to pay for shipping fees. I have another story why I bought the perfume. :) 

In between stories of great friendships - I scored this book from the Manila International Book Fair via Fully Booked. I was reluctant with the book because I find it expensive at Php 700, even with the 20% discount. But reviews from Goodreads made it for me.

Little Gestures by Mari Andrew - It's not really a book. These are detachable postcards compiled in a book. I discovered Mari Andrew from Instagram. Because I became a fan,  I bought her first book, Am I There Yet? Her illustrations and inspirational thoughts never fail to amaze me. I didn't purchase her book from the Manila International Book Fair. But last Friday, I saw copies from National Bookstore's Book Blow Out Sale ... again. (I can't count how many National Bookstore sale tested my EQ hahaha) It was discounted and you can easily figure out the ending. 

I've been collecting Nick Bantock's books in the last five years. I acquired cheaper second hand copies from Thrift Books. Unfortunately, some were lost in transit. When I checked out National Bookstore's Book Blow Out, the last two missing editions in the series were sold  50% off its original price. So again, I traded allowance for books. :p 

I felt sad leaving the last copy of Griffin & Sabine in the wiped out book shelves. Without knowing if I can still afford dinner ;) I took home the last copy. 

... and as promised in the title of this blog post, I'm giving away a copy of Nick Bantock's Griffin & Sabine. This title is the first in the series. If you have interest in letters, postcards and a unique love story, this book will work for you. 

This giveaway is open for my Philippine based friends. :) Unfortunately, I can't accommodate worldwide shipping yet.