So much to be grateful from the past week. Some surprise from the mail, meeting a great friend, a cousin who voluntarily assisted me for an errand, accomplishment from work and looking forward for a quick holiday. Aside from the Christmas vacation, I love the short holiday for All Saints and All Souls Day. It's a much needed breather before the upcoming season comes to a full swing. I get to see some family members and fulfill my annual day out with my mother. On top of my quiet time with the family, I'm hoping to finish a long overdue report. If things will fall in place, I'd like to start anew after the holiday break. I really need to wrap up this task.

Being aware of the good things around you - A friend who knew my story checked on me last week. Another friend surprised me with her sentiments, I never knew she completely understood my decisions. We seldom talk and meet. But knowing how she saw my situation was more than enough to uplift my spirits. 

Thank you Terra for this book. - I wasn't expecting any parcel from USA. It took me a while to figure out Terra. I've been seeing The Little Book of Hygee (pronounced as hoo-ga) from the shelves of Fully Booked for as long as I can remember.  I almost bought it during the Manila International Book Fair. For some reason, I ended choosing The Odd 1s Out. As it appears now, I don't have any regrets. Another item was ticked off the in my book bucket list. :) 
Some thoughts again found in a page

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!

P.S. I've already chosen the winner of my book giveaway. :) Congratulations Krissy!