This post should have been intended for last week. Unfortunately, my laptop messed up. I lost the photos transferred from my camera. I can't figure out what went wrong. I downloaded a number of software recovery files. The few that captured my lost files eventually required payment to fully recover my photos. The other free software that provides free recovery cannot capture my files. I gave up after several days. I accepted that my hours of hardwork are gone. 

I transitioned to several laptops already. This was the first time a laptop totally lost my file. A few weeks ago, I was working on a powerpoint presentation. I closed the file and to my surprise, I can no longer find the file I was working on. The pictures from last week was the second time it happened. I'm already having trust issues with my device. Asus is a great brand, but not on those times I lost my files. 

Moving on, the last two weeks were the best. I mentioned it several times, the quick holiday break for All Saints Day and All Souls Day are one of my favorites. It gives that much needed breather before another busy season kicks in. I was able to rest, get more than enough sleep and spend time with the family. I brought home some work and realized, I was more productive working everything from home. The report that has been stuck with me is finally moving, because of my uninterrupted working hours at home. This again brings out my wish of having the opportunity to work from home. I can work on my own pace, don't need to travel, eat less unhealthy food and my skin gets its much needed rest. It's too much to ask from my current employer, but half of me is still wishing it's possible. 

In other news, Uniqlo has been taking all my money. ;) Other than books, I've been collecting a number of office wear from Uniqlo. I used to buy from Kamiseta and Bayo. Unfortunately, the branches near my place closed operations. I became dependent with Uniqlo on those days when I want to reward myself or just another bad day happened. :p 

And speaking of wasting money, my Christmas wish list is starting to pile up. Another bag, pair of shoes, but among others, my wish is to acquire the newest Macbook Air. With the help of a relative from USA, I hope I can get it at a really cheaper rate. In Costco and Best Buy, I discovered that a unit is Php 10,000 cheaper than Ph prices. My first Macbook Air, courtesy of the workplace, is still working since 2013. Six years for a Php 50,000 worth of device is not bad. 

Me and my obsession with this luxury brand - The two things I can afford from Hermes, the book and this perfume. 

An addition to my collection, this Hermes Pop-Up book!!!! I'll show pages of this beautiful book on my next post.

This book produced by Flow Magazine keeps on giving me surprises. Flow was introduced to me by my Dutch friend, Marieken. What I thought as a simple arts and crafts magazine eventually ventured on producing inspiring books. It combines arts, crafts and inspiring articles in one publication. 

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!