I've always been amazed with the brand. But like any other member of the working class, I cannot afford their bags. I have been stalking the fashion house for as long as I can remember. Eventually, I discovered some Hermès merchandise I can afford. One of which is their line of publication. I learned about the books when I discovered Hermès' official shopping site in US. I dreamt of completing the entire sketch book series. I managed to purchase one edition, The Metamorphosis.

On top of the sketch book series, I discovered the Hermès Pop-Up book. If I have to choose from their existing publications, this has to be my favorite. The book showcases the 14 iconic designs of their square scarves. More than design, the presentation made the book all worth it. Each scarf was generated in a printed 3D figure. Every page turns to a pop-up print out of each distinctive design. 

It's hard to choose which among the print is my favorite. Everything is artistically unique and even has its own story to tell. 

Get your copy from Hermès online shop or via Book Depository