Thursday, January 30, 2020

Beautiful Sunday # 396 - Last for January

I haven't finished reading Kate Spade's All in Good Taste. Random browsing of its pages led me to this wit and humor. Sometimes, I wish I have this skill. I had a number of encounters when being quick and wittingly humurous can go a long way. But truth is these days, I just want to move away from everyone causing me some unnecessary baggage. When everything gets heavier, I was hoping  to feel numb and desensitized. Maybe, I'm not on that stage yet.

I happened to be in Manila last weekend, in time for the Chinese New Year festivities. There were some events at the workplace as well. It was only this year when we failed to witness the events in Binondo after work. But come Saturday morning, I managed to squeeze lunch in Binondo with my friend A. Manila's Chinatown is still crowded, despite all the threats of that deadly fever. My eivdent observation though, 90% of the crown in Binondo are non-Chinese during the festivities.

The usual dragon dance along the streets of Ongpin. Everyone was paying attention of getting their perfect shot.

While looking for a place for lunch, I saw a cart selling my favorite tornado potatoes!!!! 

Life feels better with Samgyeopsal and the company of real friends 

These stickers from a local seller, I'm having second thoughts of whether I should stick them on my laptop :)

Been dreaming of owning a Piumelli bag strap. Problem is, I don't know where to purchase. The prices offered by some Instagram based sellers are too expensive for me. I luckily found a local seller who produces a similar style. 

If there's one thing I wish to do everyday, to watch feel good Korean drama series. :) I'm currently enjoying Crash Landing on You via Netflix. I will never forget this series because Hyun Bin became a revalation for me. I was forced to reopen my Nextflix account and pay the subscription fee. :p

January has been a challenging month in many ways. Freelance works, deadlines, dealing with so much people and trying to make life harder. :) 


  1. I like that bag strap with the flowers, I think it will bring you smiles. Did you know Netflix allows a family member to share Netflix even if the family member lives in a different house? That is a nice feature and way to save money.

  2. That "perfect shot" bother me sometimes. Seeing people raise their arms just to get a shot instead of enjoying the moment can be an eyesore. I don't know. Maybe I'm just picky. hehehe.

    Kate Spade's All in Good Taste looks interesting. I hope local bookstores have that. :)

    1. Yes, true sa capturing photos :( As for Kate Spade, wala na ako nakikita sa local bookstores. But you can always place a special order sa Fully Booked. :)


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