And just like that, another Korean drama series changed my weekend. :p Weeks ago, it has always been chasing deadlines and recovering sleep. There are still deadlines, the remaining hours left forced me to include catching the weekend episodes of Crash Landing on You.

The series started last December but at that time, I was hooked with VIP. Despite all the positive reviews, it took me around January to start the series. My deadlines were more powerful and a rushed freelance work from a generous client came. :p After Chinese New Year, I binge watched and was able to catch up with the release of the 10th episode. I think I found a K drama that equates to Descendants of the Sun. I have a feeling this will be my favorite for 2020. More importantly, I will remember this K drama as the reason why I reactivated my Netflix account. :p 

Back to my everyday life, Manila feels different these days. Traffic and stress of commuting remained the same. Though I will never get used to the limited operations of the LRT. I miss the days when I can leave work beyond 9 pm and have an hour to catch the less crowded evening trips. My evening class forces me to take longer routes. If I feel dead tired, I end up spending more for Grab Car's services. Same goes in the morning whenever I'm running late. 

Other than the usual hassles of commuting, the Wuhan Corona virus is causing all the scare in Manila. Face Mask, alcohol, multivitamins, forehead thermometers are becoming scarce commodities. I hate wearing masks. I don't find comfort seeing the same situation among fellow train passengers. It feels like even our right to comfortably breathe is taken away. It felt a little better when I  went around my hometown last weekend. Being a residential community away from Manila, everyone seems to be on normal mode. I rarely see anyone with a face mask. Supermarkets and groceries have well stocked alcohol and vitamins. 

As much as I love the rare colder temperature in Manila, I feel worried that the weather becomes a breeding ground for the usual cough, colds and fever. These days, even a slight fever can cause more than enough scare and panic to everyone. 

All the chaos in Manila intensifies my belief that work from home should be implemented. While there are still professions that demand physical presence, some employees might be better off when given the opportunity to work from home. Productivity can increase because the need to travel is eliminated. Traffic and the volume of people traveling will also be reduced. Employees will have more time with their family. They can choose their own working hours and follow their own pace. I hope this is something that can be considered even by local companies. 

On a personal level, work from home complements the introvert in me. I can avoid people whose mission in life is to criticize and create versions of your story. I can only imagine the peace of mind it will bring. 

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!