It has always been, Captain Ri Jeong Hyeok :) Those eyes, I hope peace and happiness will find him soon. Wait, I think it's a message intended for myself. In the midst of all the cramming and never ending deadlines, I find that much needed silence whenever I watch Crash Landing on You via Netflix. Each episode, especially the ending, makes my heart skip a beat. Last Saturday's episode was intense. It's not surprising if fellow viewers cried with Captain Ri. :p In my case, all the more I fell in love with Captain Ri or Hyun Bin in real life. ;)

This was a heartbreaking episode. I think I'm torn between Descendanta of the Sun and Crash Landing on You was my favorite Koream drama. 

So much of the Korean wave in my system :p

And recently, I discovered Bvlgari's baby powder inspired set. I think I found another favorite scent.

This post should have been intended for last week. But so much deadlines came in. My deadlines are not diminishing. Every time an output is submitted, another requirement comes in. The first quarter of the year is beyond exhausting. While I'm trying to live a quiet and peaceful life, some self-centered and dishonest people are dragging me to their own troubles.