I rarely buy something from The Body Shop. An ongoing sale or the Christmas holidays are the usual reasons I visit a branch. The lone product I used to stalk was the Vitamin E range, specifically the eye cream. I expected the product to generate wonders. But like most beauty products I collected, I didn't observe anything remarkable. Maybe because I did not consistently use it.

When I discovered the Drops of Youth Line, I became interested mostly because it sounded like an anti-aging solution.  It was appealing, but I wasn't convinced of making any purchase. I decided to give it a try when a friend shared her experience. The first product I bought was the Drops of Youth Cream. I even waited for a mall wide sale to secure a little discount. After finishing my first tub, the product became a staple to my lazy skin care routine. :p I was impressed and soon enough, I started trying other products in the range.

All Drops of Youth products contain Edelweiss plant stem cells. I read a number of articles highlighting its anti-aging property. In like manner that plant stem cells are said to cause renewal and regeneration of tissues. This therefore makes the plant as an ideal anti-aging product. Part of me wants to believe not until I started following this popular Filipino dermatologist on Twitter. I had doubts but in the end, I remained using the product. 

I'm still using the Youth Cream. I believe this is already my third tub. I apply this before going to sleep. I cannot vouch for its anti-aging effects. I'm pretty contented on what it does to my skin after sleep. I wake up having minimal cases of excessively oily or dry skin. I also love that the cream is light and a little amount already goes a long way.

The Youth Concentrate - I started using a daily serum after I experienced unexplained skin flaking at the workplace. I tried a different brand, shifted to Olay's 7 In One anti-aging serum and recently, this Youth Concentrate. I love that its odorless, very light on skin and dries up easily. Like the Youth Cream, a little drop also goes a long way. It took me six months to finish one bottle. Skin feels moisturized and blends with both dry and oily skin. I also felt that this serves as a good primer. My usual face powder looks better whenever I layer a Youth Concentrate. The product is all good but I still prefer my Olay 7 In One anti aging serum.

Youth Bouncy Eye Mask - I've always been obsessed with eye cream. Anything that claims to combat skin aging in the eye area never fails to capture my attention. This is one of last products I tried. I was reluctant to the last minute because I find it expensive for its size. Like my usual strategy, I waited and took advantage of a mall wide sale to purchase. My verdict? I think I can pass on this product. It's my least favorite because I never felt any remarkable effects.

One of my recent purchase is this Youth Eye Concentrate. It's an eye roller infused with the Drops of Youth concentrate. I use this before going to sleep and after my morning bath. It didn't prevent the occurrences of puffy eyes. But it helped in at least improving the appearance of my eyes whenever I lack sleep.

I tried a similar and cheaper product years ago, Garnier's light eye roll on. I can't remember why I stopped using Garnier. Maybe because it was always out of stock from my nearest Watson branch. But honestly, I think the Garnier can serve as a cheaper substitute. 

My only problem with the Youth Eye Concentrate is its price. I find it expensive at Php 1,695. If I will repurchase another tube, I'll probably wait for a mall wide sale to secure a discount.

Youth Liquid Peel (pictured in the middle) - The only product that allows you to feel its immediate effect. Upon application, it will strip off dirt on your skin. My friend also suggested using the product for your armpits. The liquid peel can remove all traces of deodorant deposits from your armpits.

If I will recommend a product from the entire line, I will choose these three. I love the Youth Cream because the little tub goes a long way. I also noticed my skin looks better after sleep. The Liquid Peel is a good exfoliant. It removes excess dirt from skin without causing any form of irritation. I felt its immediate effect. The Youth Eye Concentrate has become my reliable partner on days when I lack sleep. Although I still held on to my reservation that it's very expensive for its size.