It's that time of the year again. Sounds Christmas, but for serial book hoarders like me, the Manila International Book Fair (MIBF) is a national event we never miss. There was a time when I went to all book fairs like Big Bad Wolf and National Bookstore's Book Binge Bazaar. From my experiences, the Manila International Book Fair remains as my favourite. I prefer the collections in this book fair, even if Big Bad Wolf offers wider selections. 

I've been attending the MIBF since 2016. Having been working in the academe, I'm already aware of the MIBF for quite some time. However, I had the misconception that books are limited for the academic sector. I thought everything was about textbooks and reference materials. Thanks to social media, I learned from friends that leisure reads are also available. 

My first attempt in 2016 was fueled by my passport renewal appointment at the nearby office of DFA Aseana. I finished early so I decided to drop by and this started my annual tradition of wrecking the wallet every September. :p But tbh, I had second thoughts this year.  Mostly because of my record breaking purchases from Book Depository. Thank you sponsored posts. Hahahaha But at the last minute, I decided to go because something great happened in the morning. I felt the need to reward or wreck my wallet again. :p I will reveal my "best-effort-controlled" purchases on my Sunday post. 

Meanwhile, here are some photos from National Bookstore and Fully Booked. I didn't anymore check the other booths because from experience, I don't really purchase from them. By the time I decided to call it a day from National Bookstore and Fully Booked, my budget has all been used up. Added to this, I realized I have a deadline for a freelance work. :) 

I usually start with National Bookstore. But this year, I decided to start with my most awaited destination. 

Here are the interesting titles that caught my attention 

This book from Michael Faudet is 50% off, it's above the default discount of 20%. 

Always the best time to purchase this coveted Harry Potter box set. Just a tip, this is way cheaper in National Bookstore. Fully Booked offers this around Php 9,000 (without the 20% discount yet). If I'm not mistaken, National Bookstore's retail price is Php 7,000, without the discount. 

When I first attended the MIBF, I hoarded all the fiction titles in my wish list. I didn't even finish half of it after a year. On the succeeding MIBF, I got tired with all the fiction books. I decided to venture on the relatively expensive hardbound books. I always look forward to acquire a hardbound book on design, fashion or photography. Unfortunately, the selections this year are quite sad. I didn't like anything from my target genre. The Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs and Chanel book I saw from Fully Booked's main branch in BGC were not available. 

I explored other titles that might interest you. 

The Nancy Drew Series I wanted to complete. Maybe I'll reread this when I'm already retired. :p

If Jenny Han came earlier, I would surely be reading her books back in college.

Fully stocked Harry Potter books in cheaper paperbacks

Manga! I'm beginning to gain interest in this genre. I hope someone can help me where to start.

Been seeing this Swedish self-help books since last year, it started from Hygge then Lagom and later, the Japanese are also showcasing their techniques. Starting with the sensational, Marie Kondo 

I read the book, lend it to someone and it's gone. Been wanting to purchase a replacement, but I skipped it again this year. Friends, this would make as a great Christmas gift for me hahaha

Tempted but resisted hahaha 

From National Bookstore

List of regrets, this Jane Austen series are so beautiful!!!!

Harry Potter bookset is cheaper here!!!

Same with my copy of Marie Kondo's book, I lost all my Cecelia Ahern after lending it to someone :( Christmas wish list detected again haahah 

This Mari Andrew's postcard book is love!!! Didn't take it home and quite regret it, anyone visiting this weekend? Please buy this for me. 

Visit Manila International Book Fair's website for further details

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