Similar from last week, I'm trying to accomplish everything before Sunday ends. Editing photos for a client, who requested for a Christmas themed shoot. In the Philippine business setting, planning for Christmas on September is quite late. Most start as early as June. I have other freelance writing works that need to be accomplished and this blog post to upload. Weekends are never enough for me. Or just like the previous weekends, I spend much time sleeping. If I were to choose, this is how weekend should be spent. Saturday is strictly devoted for catching on sleep. Sunday is for blogging, taking photos and some freelance writing works. Another day is needed to relax and watch some movies or drama series. :p But extended weekends happen once in a blue moon.  We have to pray and wait for national holidays to land on Friday or Monday. 

The past week left me with a surprise. I'm not really sure if I can consider it as a surprise. Maybe, the better term is unexpected. I received a notification that requires some life changing decision. In the case of grown ups, decisions are always complicated. Even the simplest situation can breed the most tangled process of arriving to a decision. My thoughts are scattered again. I feel restless. I remember what other people say, you're always one decision away from an entirely different life. Likewise, decisions mean turning to another page or closing the entire book. I wish I could relate everything in detail. But these days, I need to be careful and discrete. Yet this is another saga that leads to my classic statement aka excuse. In time, I can relate everything. 

If there's anything good this week, my friends, family and this book saved for everything. I finally have a copy of She by Kate Spade. This book has been in my wish list for three years. I first saw it at National Bookstore in Glorietta. The price point was reasonable at Php 1899, given its online price at $ 35. I skipped National Bookstore, hoping that a freelance work would enable me to purchase via Book Depository. But a recent visit to Fully Booked encouraged me to avail of the special order arrangement. It was slightly expensive than National Bookstore's price. But with great customer service and the discount card, I never regret my decision to buy from Fully Booked. Always, 5 out of 5 stars for Fully Booked services. 

And speaking of Fully Booked, I managed to squeeze in a short trip before the week ended

I always wish our local libraries looked like Fully Booked's main branch. I know, a bookstore is always different from a library. But in one way or another, I believe libraries can learn a lot from Fully Booked's design and arrangement. Libraries should have art works, an LED / LCD TV to showcase interesting books in a nice graphic (this will surely call students' attention), shelves that display coffee table books in a different way, colorful carpets for kids and windows with a view. 

Espresso cake from Cafe France, artwork from Fully Booked, laksa soup from Mr. Ube, cutest bunny tumblers from Starbucks and these fabric Christmas trees. Should I buy these trees? 
A new Korean drama to love - I've been looking for a copy of this series from VIU. I wanted to watch this because of my girl crush, Yan Jin Sung. I thought it might be a shallow medical drama, but the first two episodes were already impressive. 

Wishing everyone a great week ahead! I hope everyone reading my post also manage to survive deadlines, deliver outputs, impress clients and end the day in the company of supportive friends and family.