I've always loved the idea of seeing long time and credible bloggers converting their work to print. After years of following their blogs, I'm happy that their talent and hardwork will finally be showcased in one publication. Saying this made me remember the same situation in the academe. Having publications is an indicator of academic excellence. But tbh, academic related publications do not capture same interest I have with my favorite blogs. :) 

Siobhan Ferguson is one of the few bloggers given the opportunity to become an author. Unlike traditional bloggers, Siobhan flourished through Instagram. Siobhan's accounts curated the silent, hidden and the prettiest spots in London. She started with her personal account @siobhaise and extended to @prettycitylondon and @theprettycities. Siobhan is originally a banker living in West London, who gave up her career for her growing family. She later developed interest for photography with the help of Instagram. The interest became a career as she currently enjoys her time as a freelance photographer, content creator and author of the book, Pretty City London. (I heard my mind saying, this is my dream job!) 

I cannot anymore remember when I started following Siobhan. The most I can recall, a number of Instagram accounts I followed kept posting photos of her elegant book. And true enough, the cover served as the perfect prelude to a well-curated, stunning and artistic book.   

Siobhan's book covers four chapters. It's 90% photos, mostly dedicated in showcasing the unpopular and underrated spots of London. For me, this adds that much needed distinction for a book. We can always google the usual destinations in London. Only a few will attempt to search, compile and organize a different yet breathtaking view of London. 

The books is perfect for those with plans of visiting London and have keen interest in discovering places not frequented by tourists. 

Non-travelers like me, who can't afford a Euro trip, will also enjoy the book. In a way, the photos will inspire you to look for underrated yet charming areas within your city. A chapter was also devoted for providing photography tips. Although admittedly, the content didn't really expand my very limited and self-taught skills in photography. The tips covered the usual aspects shared by other photography blogs. I guess the learning point comes from the actual photos provided. By just looking at the photos, you will more or less gain ideas on how to better capture your next Instagram upload. And speaking of Instagram, this book is a proof that Instagram is a platform of opportunities. 

Overall, I'll give Pretty City London 5 out of 5 stars. You can finish the book in one sitting. It's mostly a showcase of beautiful photos of London. For that alone, I think the book is highly worth it.