I was home alone the entire weekend. The family went out for a quick trip away from the city. I wanted to join but the last minute, I decided to sleep. :p I needed that rest and I don't regret it. Added to this, I have pending freelance works. I planned to spend the weekend wrapping up these tasks. Unfortunately, sleep overpowered me. So here I am, at 11:06 pm, attempting to finish this post and hoping to at least start some of the real work.

If there's anything I loved about the past week, it's the cold weather and some accomplished errands for the family. I was able to source out supplies from Divisoria for my cousin's birthday. I initially thought of buying everything from Shopee. But the shipping fees and mark ups are adding to the cost. I may have gotten the best deals from personally visiting Divisoria, but the shoulder pains, swollen calves, cost of extra meals and tiredness could have been avoided if I opted Shopee. Lesson painfully learned, literally and figuratively. :) Despite of everything, I'm happy because it's still mission accomplished. 

I'm trying to figure out anything remarkable or worth remembering from last week. The thoughts that remained with me, the need to close chapters. This has been in my mind for months already. People around me are probably getting tired of hearing this. Apologies, but myself is equally tired and frustrated. The more I forced it, the more it becomes difficult, distressing and disheartening.  

I wish things would turn out well. I hope to feel "fine" soon. Problem is, the conditions of feeling "fine" remains unclear and confusing from my end. I came to the point when I don't even know what would make everything stable again. My immature self wanted to escape. But at this age and state, there's no other option but to endure. Enduring starts from reporting to work everyday, keep on trying, embracing failures, pretending everything is working well and living with all these unexplained body aches. #Adulting, and no one told me that it goes beyond making your salary cover up for all expenses. :p 

On Creativity and Inspiration - I needed these. I need inspiration to keep me moving and striving. I need creativity for my day job and weekend freelance works. In the adult world, playing safe has always been the default rule. Being creative takes having more than enough brain cells to power it. It also meant having courage, determination and confidence to make everything happen. And where in the world can I acquire it? It takes another set of struggle again.

On the lighter side of life, here are some things I look forward for this month

40th Manila International Book Fair - I vowed to visit this event, more than the Big Bad Wolf in Manila. I prefer the book selections here especially from Fully Booked. Problem is I'm having second thoughts.

These books!!! - I was able to buy Kate Spade's All in Good Taste and Louis Vuitton Travel Book. Thankful to the previous sponsored posts. :p This explains why I'm having second thoughts of joining the book fair.

I'm making good sales from Carousell. The platform is almost perfect except for some inconsiderate and disrespectful buyers. But overall, I'm contented with what the system offers to me.

The BER months are here and I'm not prepared even for Q3...

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!