Strong winds without the rain, this was how the past week ended. Everyone was rushing home because it's long weekend and the weather manifests upcoming thunderstorms. I had the chance to go home early last Friday, but for some reason, I ended spending so much time in my laptop. It was already past 7 when I decided to leave. I somehow regretted this because I realized, I have errands to attend. I rushed to the train station and the last minute, I managed to squeeze in a trip to Uniqlo. :p

Last year, Fridays meant working till 9 pm. I had evening classes that made me envy colleagues rushing to clock out at 5 pm. I was looking forward to end that semester. Life is so much different this year. While I have the flexibility to leave the workplace earlier, all the little benefits are coupled with a heavier responsibility. I might eventually regret saying this but given the choice, I wish life was the same as last year. Never mind getting home late every Friday. Everything was simpler, easier and I guess, better. A year from now, I hope I can revisit this post. I can validate my sentiments and got everything figure out?

On the lighter side, the things I remember from last week

Lansones - Dark knitted tops - Long sleeves blouses - Uniqlo - Carousell - Colder weather - The Voice Kids - Kate Spade 

I'm still in search for the perfect kilogram of lansones to take home. The ones I purchased are either bland, sweet but about to rot, comes with big and bitter seeds.

I like knitted tops but the few I purchased ended in my eBay account. :p I realized, I look fat on them. I later discovered, the best knitted top comes in dark monotone colors, lighter and softer knits and an upgrade from your usual size.

I no longer wear an office uniform. I thought life will better because I get to choose and wear my own clothes. To my surprise, this requires additional effort in the morning. In the end, the long sleeves blouses I rarely wear became useful. Likewise, Uniqlo has become my reliable source for workplace clothes. 

Carousell - Looks like this selling platform will make me forget my eBay account. Almost all of my unused stuff received a new home from this mobile app.

Colder weather - Except for the rain, can we forever have a relaxing and colder weather? I don't miss the sun and the perspiring morning walks to work.

The Voice Kids - One of my favorite seasonal weekend shows is back. I said this many times, I'm enjoying the Blind Auditions than the knock outs and battle rounds. I'm hoping that Kamp Kawayan will own the championship this year!!! ;) 

Kate Spade - It's hard to resist anything beautiful from this brand. It doesn't help that a friend serves as an online shopper for Kate Spade products. 

Meanwhile, I read somewhere that what you do on weekends will most likely reflect your life on retirement. I cringed. :p Unlike active individuals, mine is the perfect opposite. I sleep for as long as I wanted. I watch drama series or movies. I order sinful food via Grab Food. I hoard chips and Coke from the nearby sari sari stores. I take photos for Instagram accounts I co-manage. If such holds true, I'm quite afraid that I'll become poor, unhealthy and unproductive. 

I still can't picture my life on retirement. I mentioned this many times, I have greater fear for retirement than death. It promises a relaxing life but in reality, it speaks of feeling unproductive, useless and loss of stable income including health benefits. One thing sure, I don't want to beg and depend on my relatives. I wish to have enough resources to support myself. When I reached such age, I hope I can say I've accomplished a lot. I hope I can pursue a lighter career, maybe teaching or design. Once in a while, I can still meet my friends and enjoy the same things we always do. 

like having Korean barbecue whenever we wanted :p

and receiving handwritten letters

This month is about to end and tbh, I'm not ready for the last quarter of the year. Everything remains unstable and complicated these days. Last year, I complained of my monotonous life. Now that changes happened, I can sense some sentiments of regret. I should have been more thankful and appreciative.... But since changes forced its way, there's no other option left. I have to embrace wherever life takes me.