I was looking forward for this week because of the Manila International Book Fair. In the middle of the week, I felt reluctant. I was feeling weak and sluggish. The rainy weather also discouraged me to go out. My body is calling me to rest and stay home. But come Wednesday, the weather was better. I decided to go and took advantage of the day to accomplish some errands. It was a productive day, except that I went home with a case of bad colds. Good thing, work was light over the next days. I survived another week, coupled with some unexpected thoughts.

My decision to distance myself against someone made me realize that I made the right choice. Another incident convinced me that I'm keeping an excess baggage of another ungrateful person. There are friends for keeps, then there are those for painful learning experiences. On the positive side, a friend helped me salvage a disappointing day. I spent the last few hours of that day with a friend over cheap food court treats, long walk to the train station and some meaningful exchange of thoughts. 

Becoming a victim of someone's inefficiency is annoying and stressing. However, an early apology changes the tone of the story. Unfortunately, I rarely hear words of apologies these days. Not that I demand for it, I'm completely aware that some people will never admit mistakes. Uttering words of apologies will taint their immaculately protected asset called pride. 

There were days when I feel demoralized on the state of my career life. I have been a staff / follower / corporate slave for more than a decade. My career path maybe stagnant but modesty aside, I paved the way to create great managers. I have executed ideas born by managers and senior leaders. While they have creativity and command, I have all the hardwork and perseverance to turn their vision to reality. 

I wanted to write more, but some of my thoughts are better off to stay in my mind. Here are the beautiful things that happened last week.

Weekend scene of red and green - Time to use these red Cath Kidston mugs for the merriest season

Weekly Planner Mess - I think Papemelroti will no longer repeat the production of this planner. The latest I saw from their Instagram account is the release of the classic pocket planners. Sad, because I have to look for another planner again. 

Speaking of Papemelroti, I love the design of the free postcard this month.

My lone purchase from the Manila International Book Fair - Owning this coffee table book is a dream come true. 

What beautiful weekends are made of - Having a relaxing time at home with the family.