Too tired. A week ago, I had a bad case of cough and colds. I tried my best to sleep early but traffic, long hours of commute and a set of unexpected work didn't change my routine. Added to this, it's been two weeks since I stopped exercising. I feel sluggish and bloated again. Last Friday was another classic case of unhealthy lifestyle. A full meal from Taco Bell and a slice of sans rival cake to cap off another week or truth is, my loser Friday schedule. Four months of seeing my colleagues rushing to leave work for the weekend, while I'm left preparing for my evening classes. Walking around dark corridors, returning to the office to rest for a few minutes and rushing home to catch the last trip of the train. On worst days, heavy rains cause more traffic and difficulty of getting the last ride to reach home. Can I count all these as an accomplishment?  ;)

I'm trying to recall anything significant this week. The most I can remember is this Korean drama I accidentally discovered. I can't find a decent copy of Reply 1994 so I ended randomly browsing other K dramas. I discovered My Golden Life, which still airs in South Korea. And just like that, I regained my addiction. I already finished all 6 episodes, which caused me sleepless nights and swollen eyes. Yes, I had crying moments while watching, especially episode 3. For the longest time, I thought I prefer the genre of romantic comedies. But my taste is confusing me. I guess everything boils down to the relatable characters and story line. The lead female character shares our dream of having a great career, financial stability and a comfortable life for our parents. K dramas, with characters that share problems and dreams with most people, can easily earn sympathy of vulnerable viewers like me. ;) On a lighter note, the wardrobe team is doing a great job dressing up the lead actress, Shin Hye Sun. I want to write a separate post about it. 

Aside from the exhaustion and my regained K drama addiction, here are other beautiful things that happened last week.

Weekend afternoons right before dusk with my currently, favorite book - I don't ever regret buying Kate Spade's 20th anniversary coffee table book. It's quite expensive, but the discount from the last MIBF gave me a great deal. This also convinced me that I will no longer hoard books every MIBF. Getting a discounted coffee table book will be my next MIBF goal.

Another set of favorites this week - Feeling tired and irritated in the middle of the week, I dropped by Watsons to get a facial mask. My eyes and skin were uniting with my exhaustion, sadness attacks along with concerns in life. Visiting Watsons way before closing time seemed like a huge mistake. I took home this bottle of Micellar Water from L'oreal. I learned about Micellar Water from an expensive brand, Biore. From the few articles I read, Micellar Water was the solution from the poor quality of tap water complained by most French women. It does not promise major skin transformation. Instead, it thoroughly cleanses skin, removing all impurities threatening to cause other skin problems. I've been using it for several days and so far, the obvious benefit I gained is the easier way to remove make up. :p Unlike the usual baby oil, Micellar Water easily wipes out all makeup residue. Typing this, I feel stupid because I knew that my real problem is my droopy and swollen eyes. I should have brought an eye roll on from Garnier instead. :p

Also in the photo is a postcard from Marieken - Thank you Marieken for the Christmas inspired stamps and this cute card.

Right before dusk, what relaxing weekends are made of - I have so much thoughts in my mind while writing the concluding part of this post. Another weekend is about to end, I'm trying to convince myself that there's something great to look forward. These days, it's quite a challenge to look for positivity or I guess, it's easier to held on sad thoughts. Whatever this is, I hope something good will emerge this week.