I'm typing this post on a Saturday night, rushing for a rare work on Sunday. I have a long day tomorrow and still have documents to review. Some things I wish to happen tomorrow, for the work to finish early, contribute something significant or at the very least, not to mess up, and to look half decent. My tired eyes haven't returned from its original state. My face feels so bloated. Blame the unexpected food trip last Friday. :D I planned to exercise today, but my body is calling me to sleep. So much excuses :p but just for tomorrow, I hope to look half decent. I can pay for everything on the succeeding work days. 

On the positive end, this weekend started out great. I had more then enough sleep, woke up to home cooked meals, favorite weekend TV shows with my family and another episode of my current favorite Korean drama. Shallow, but I never felt this excitement for a K drama since Descendants of the Sun. My Golden Life gave me another reason to look forward for weekends. This K drama also broke my belief that my preferences are limited to the genre of romantic comedies. 

Other than food, accomplished work and K drama, my social media accounts never fail to occupy me. Starting with my love-hate relationship with Facebook. There are inspiring and humorous posts. Then there are irritating, thought provoking and insensitive posts. My greatest pet peeve includes offending comments, on top of all the misleading fake news. For the past weeks, news about the freshman student who died from fraternity hazing has been in my newsfeed. I feel irritated when Facebook users pass all the blame to the victim. Same goes with the case of a lady who committed suicide before the week ended. The victim's extent of suffering and the pain of the family left behind are too much to begin with. Leaving harsh and rude comments is too disrespectful, inhumane and (apologies for my adjective) uneducated.

So much about these "heavy" issues,  here are the beautiful things that happened this week. 

Weekend afternoon before dusk - Backyard scene, elegant coffee table books, nachos and cheese, and the all time favorite Coke :) 

On the contrary, my attempts to be healthy ;) - Mangosteen is one of my favorite fruits, setting aside the little hefty price. 

It's 12:15 am, I promised myself to sleep early for tomorrow. ;)  I'm off to sleep after watching the recently uploaded 8th episode of my favorite K drama. Hahaha 

Wishing everyone a great Sunday! 

P.S. I just realized, it's the first day of another month :)