It's another long weekend ahead. Prior to this holiday, I had a relaxing work week. The evening classes are over. I finished a few paper works. We had our annual spiritual recollection. Before the week ended, an unexpected typhoon arrived in Manila. It started to rain on Thursday afternoon. In times like this, heavy traffic is no longer surprising. But since most schools are on a semestral break, traffic was manageable. Added to this, it's one of the rare times when Manila felt like Baguio or Tagaytay. The cold breeze felt so soothing. Same went when I reached home. It was the best way to end another week.

On the weekend, I managed to attend to some errands. It was so tiring, I didn't anticipate the horrible traffic in EDSA. If there's any consolation to my exhaustion, the great sale finds and arriving home with my online orders delivered. I want to finish all the Christmas gift shopping before December comes.

I'm trying to recall anything significant last week. Unfortunately, my memory can't provide me anything worth sharing. ;) My Facebook account is better because it provides me posts showing the best memories. The week was filled with photos reminding me of the trip to Hong Kong with my family. I'm dreaming of visiting Taiwan with them, given that the visa requirement has been lifted. But as always, there are other priorities. :)

Here are the other beautiful things that happened last week.

Random find from Fully Booked - My initial plan was to buy a few gifts from Fully Booked. I ended buying gift cards and taking this book.

DIY salted egg potato chips - Got this salted egg sauce as gift from a client. Trying to figure out where to use it, I ended making DIY salted egg potato chips. 

This book!!!! Been seeing this in my Instagram feed since last year. Thank you Book Depository for offering me a cheaper alternative.

Some Japanese treats - Royce is love!!!! I'm not the biggest fan of chocolates but Royce will always be an exemption. Best about everything, it came for free. Thank you Henry's Professional and Canon Philippines for my rewards 

Define my current mood - Hahahaha My dear friend who hates being photographed.

My current addiction (other than food) - My weekend will never be complete without watching My Golden Life. Episode 21 was heartbreaking. The lead character looks so happy in the screenshot. Actual plot revealed otherwise. She had a breakdown that will change the drama's landscape. 

It's another long weekend ahead. Unlike the previous week, I have activities lined up. Actually, I started a few, aka shopping. Hahaha For a change, I will not be a total home buddy this week. I hope everything will turn out well. :)

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!

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