I started typing this post on a Sunday night. Problem is, looks like it will be published tomorrow because of our poor internet connection. This is the best time to recall and cap off another week. I'm beyond grateful for this unexpected break. I had a great time with my family and a few friends. I slept and woke up at my own pace. I had my much awaited ramen with my mother. I was able to see new places, even within the city. The highlight of this week was the hotel staycation with my friend K. 

Here's the past week in photos

Skyscrapers and City lights - The view from our hotel room, the rare times when the city felt so quiet and peaceful.

From midnight to sunrise - From another side, hours before sunrise

We had the hotel's swimming pool to ourselves :) 

Something for the mail - Thank you Inspiredby.ph for my Christmas postcards.  

Enjoying this favorite book 

It's been months since I last posted my weekly planner mess 

Sunday night scene

While I feel thankful for the past week, part of me feels confused with some events within my environment. I'm lost for words. I have scattered thoughts and mixed emotions the past few days. But overall, I guess I'm fine. I'm coping, I'm able to handle everything well. I would like to believe this is one of the phases encountered by a "grown up, still trying to grow up." I'm conditioning myself to remain positive. I know, there will be better days ahead. :)