Hello everyone! This is my first Sunday post for 2018. I'm feeling positive because the past week gave me a good start. Much of it were attributed to the accomplished freelance works. I still have works lined up and I'm more than thankful for these rare opportunities. Added to this, it's been another year of keeping our new year family tradition. My cousins in Marikina gathered together for new year's lunch. I'm also happy that I managed to finish a book and blog about it. Strange Weather in Tokyo is in my list of best reads!!! After browsing my 2017 posts, I learned that I never made any book review. This happened even when I purchased a lot of books last year. Admittedly, much of it remain unread. This is something I wish to improve this year. I want to finish and blog more books, apart from taking nice photos. :p 

Over the past months, weekends meant resting, blogging, having food delivery and waiting for the next episode of my current favorite K. drama, My Golden Life. While waiting for the weekend, I'm also drawn to another K. drama. I'm enjoying the rerun of Birth of a Beauty from a local channel. What I thought as a romantic comedy turned out to be backed up with some crime story.

Here are other beautiful things from last week in photos.

The weekly planner mess is back. :) I didn't share my planner output over the past recent months. I was busy, didn't write entries and felt partly bored. Much to my surprise, my most liked Instagram posts are comprised of planner entries. I also enjoyed rereading my past planner entries, both the positive and negative experiences. I don't know about you, but recalling 2017 in my own handwriting felt relaxing. 

My current read - This was the last book I purchased in 2017. It's a nice inspirational book intended to those in the field of visual arts.

First happiness aka splurge of the year ;) - Thankful for the freelance work that enabled me to tick off  an item in my bucket list. 

I'm on a rush while typing this post. Another opportunity came, I'm gained another freelance work. Yay! Wishing everyone a great week ahead!