If there's one thing I love over the past week, it's the rare chilly weather in Manila. I love the week long sunrise, coupled with a cold breeze. Same goes whenever I leave work, I love the feel of the wind on my face. I wonder how long this weather will last. Soon enough, everything will be over when February enters. A few more months, it will be the hottest summer again. :( 

Other than worrying about the weather, my pressing concern centers on my freelance work. Thinking about it now, I feel disorganized and worried. I'm tied up with deadlines this week. The week after, I'm not even sure if all the work will be over.  I need to clear my mind, preserve all my energy, patience and the best time management skills. Oh and I have to add, some people skills as well. :)

On the good side, here are some beautiful things that happened last week in photos.

Happy Mail - Pardon the services of our local post office, I'm just starting to receive Christmas cards and other mails this week. Thank you Terra for the cards. :)

Weekly Planner Mess - Second year of having a Papemelroti planner, hoping to complete this until the end of the year. I also wish to compile more happy memories.

My love for everything blue - A surprise this week was when I learned that Pip products are already available in Manila. It was our dear friend Leah who discovered it at Rustan's exhibit at Rockwell. Thank you Leah and Mother E for the short yet sweet meet up. 

And to those who are interested with Pip and concerned with prices, leave the worries behind. :p Prices are reasonable, relative to online prices from Netherlands. Your Php 1,000 can already go a long way. Best buys include dining ware such as the mugs, cups and plates.

Recent find from Fully Booked - This book from Jomny Sun is perfect for the kids at heart. A story intended for kids, but it's message will warm the heart of every grown up. 

I have a long week ahead and I'm beginning to feel nervous about it. The workload is really scaring me. Breathe in, breathe out. I can't wait for everything to be done. My next Sunday post will determine everything.  See you next week. :)