I started writing this post on the wee hours of Saturday. I was wide awake. Blame the strong kick of iced coffee I had a few hours ago. It was Friday night, I have classes until 9 pm. On the way home, I rewarded myself. I bought a slice of cake and a cup of iced mocha. The drink was too powerful, I think I can stay awake until 4 am. If I knew this would happen, I should have bought a tall cup each day last week. I badly needed it for the series of freelance works and a surprise task from my day job. All the work caused me to leave the workplace place late, catch the last trip of the train, settle for cup noodles for quick dinner and slave myself in front of my laptop until 2 am. I ruined myself last week. My saving grace is the Php 50 face mask from Mercury Drug and watching the local reruns of Birth of a Beauty. Gaaaahd!!! This K drama is driving me crazy. While I can easily google the ending or watch it online, I prefer to catch the late night reruns. It gives me something to look forward after a long day. If you like K dramas with an unexpected romantic twist, this might work for you. The lead actor, Joo Sang-wook, is too irresistible. He's not the handsomest, but his character is someone every hopeless romantic old woman like me would love. :D

After everything that happened last week, I was hoping to bounce back on weekends. Take some exercise, indulge for a Swedish massage at Nuat Thai, have a hair spa and replenish my toiletries. But laziness made other plans. I slept the entire day yesterday. I attempted to do it today, but I ended staying at home doing nothing. I wore pajamas the entire day, wrapped myself in my favorite blanket, browse my social media accounts, online window shopping and had crispy thin crust pizza with my family for dinner. I may not be productive, but I enjoyed my relaxing weekend. No deadlines, urgent emails and alarms forcing me to get up. 

I'm savoring the last few hours of this weekend. These pictures will remind me that I once survived another hell week.

The sight of my books is more than enough to relax me. I'm on the stage in my life when books make my shopaholic attacks.

The less serious table, something I never had at the workplace. On weekdays, I'm filled with examination papers, a few letters of requests and pending files. 

I will miss this mess. It would take another weekend to have this table again.

Speaking of mess, my weekly planner mess. I was too lazy and literally "messed up" last week. My planner output then looks so messy.

Thank you to my cousin, who gifted me with this treats from Japan. It's another dream destination, but not in the near future. There are other priorities to begin with. 

And yes, I'm ending this post with the sight of Joo Sang-wook hahahaha You make my heart melt ;) I realized, the local reruns skipped some scenes. I should have settled with the app based episodes.

As much as I don't want this weekend to finish, I need to move on. I'm quite worried what awaits me next week. One chapter done, another is about to come. It's tiring but feels boring and repetitive at some point. Sometimes, surprises come along the way. On some days, everything will simply fall into place. Pardon my hormones, this is probably the result of stress eating, oversleeping and feeding myself too much cheese (Korean drama). Hoping things will get better next week.