I woke up on a cold and rainy Saturday morning. The rain drops and cold breeze felt so relaxing. It  was the perfect way to end the work week and start another weekend.  The past week went like a blur. Work was lighter, although I lost control over my teaching related tasks. I overlooked the examinations schedule. :p Good thing, I was able to fix everything the last minute. Over the past weeks, I've been relating the state of my freelance works. My heart is full because clients have been sending me good news. The late night to early morning work were all worth it.

While the past week was relatively lighter, tiredness still haunted me. Just like last week, I was in bed the entire day while finishing a K drama that awakened my cheesy romantic hormones. :p I thought I can wait for the daily reruns from a local channel. In the end, I had  a marathon of the last few episodes of Birth of a Beauty. Gaaaaahd! I can't remember the last time I felt this much kilig over a K drama. :p  I'm not just sure if having a dose of this shallowness is healthy for me. :) 

Meanwhile, here's the past week in photos.

My desk at home and the sight of my books 

Weekly planner mess 

Thank you Terra for the Peter Rabbit necklace and warmest wishes for the new year. I laughed about "romance" for this year. Hahaha I don't know if it will ever arrive in my lifetime.

Postcards, books, scented candles. and anything vintage - the sight of these items always remind me of home and weekends 

This has to be my last post for this month. Where did the days of January go? I'm trying to convince myself that I have accomplished something this month. Much of it were attributed to my freelance works. This month is one for the books. I had cooperative clients and everything has been settled and done. If it is not too much to ask, I wish for more this year. Unfortunately, this additional source of income is seasonal and very unpredictable. Same goes with the kind of clients I will have. It's not always a smooth sailing process with them.

Meanwhile at home, I savored the rare times I have dinner with my family. I had the healthiest meals, pink salmon, mussel soup, fried spring chicken and vegetable salad. Before we sleep, we feasted over "unhealthy" microwaveable popcorn over a great late night show. A few hours ago, I also treated them for pizza and chicken wings. Nothing beats delicious food delivered in the comforts of your own home. I would never exchange times like this with my family.  

I'm not sure what's in store for me next week. Honestly, I have sentiments dying to be heard. However, those short yet heart warming accomplishments and time spent with family and friends make up for everything. Yes, I'm getting melancholy again. hahahaha Wishing everyone a great week ahead!