I started writing this post a few days ago. Unfortunately, that post has to be set aside. My thoughts were all scattered. It emerged as a lengthy post filled with shallow rants. Problem is, I think this post is bound to make the same ending. :p As they say, you cannot escape your own monster. A disorganized mind will also breed a messed up post. :p

The first quarter of the year is one of the busiest at work. I have this recurring task that happens on the early months of the year. I organized my schedule and realized that the next weeks would be the most tiring. Truth is, it meant doing one of my not-so-favorite tasks. The work haven't started yet, but half of me is looking forward for its ending. If it is not too much ask, I wish my other struggles would temporarily go away or at least tone down. Or maybe, a well-behaved skin and manageable hair would work. Looking decent after a day of work is a silly yet rewarding wish for every member of the female populace. 

Before everything gets messed up (literally and figuratively), here are some photos from last week.

Books and postcards - The constant view during weekends and my Sunday posts. Friends have been sending postcards showcasing flowers. It gives me a feel of spring but more of summer in my country. 

My unexpected loot from the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale - I was looking forward to buy coffee table books in the field of Fashion, Architecture and Photography. But surprise! I enjoyed the Music and Graphic Novel and Comics area. 

Vintage books and postcards from friends

and to remind myself of Monday's outlook 

Last week, I flooded my social  media accounts with photos and videos of the Dragon Challenge, featuring the Range Rover Sport Plug-in Hybrid. 

More than the death-defying driving challenge, I was happy to see my long time crush, Ho-Pin Tung again. Hahahahaha I first encountered Ho-Pin Tung from a magazine feature. I don't have intentions of buying that magazine because racing or anything about cars is a stranger in my world. But the last few coins I have can only afford the magazine featuring him. I guess it was one of the decisions I don't regret. Despite not understanding anything about racing, I learned about his humble beginnings and how he worked his way to become a professional racer. Okay, I wrote so much about him. Hahahaha My birthday is still faraway, in fact we share the same birth month ;), but a fan sign or postcard from him would reaaaally mean a lot to me.