It was a quiet and sleepy Sunday night when I realized, I have tasks left undone. I was cramming to accomplish everything. In times like this, my usual companions include a bag of chips, Coke and a movie channel. I skipped the Coke and chips (Surprise!) and hopped from one movie channel to another. I settled with this film because I saw familiar Korean faces. I was only looking for an entertaining film to keep me awake. But I guess I got lucky, I have another Korean film to love.

My Annoying Brother is a tale of half-brothers, Doo-young and Doo-shik. The brothers have not been in touch since Doo-shik was imprisoned. Doo-young was having the time of his life as a national Judo athlete. Unfortunately, an accident caused Doo-young to permanently lose his eyesight. When Doo-shik learned about his younger brother's fate, Doo-shik pretended to be the dutiful sibling. He took this as an opportunity to escape his sentence. He sought parole making it appear that Doo-young needs him. The selfish intention may have won, but life will always have better plans. Doo-shik became the real responsible brother. Everything seemed to have fallen into place not until Doo-shik discovered that he doesn't have all the time in the world. 

Endearing, heart warming and funny. The film had the perfect blend of all emotions. In the beginning it was all about hatred, self-centeredness and reluctance both for Doo-young and Doo-shik. The story's progression also meant unfolding of Doo-young and Doo-shik's heart-warming sibling relationship. The brothers disproved the thought that fixing shattered relationships are like broken glasses that will cause more hurt when mended. Although in my opinion, Doo-young and Doo-shik were deprived of becoming siblings in the beginning. In their younger years, Doo-shik was eaten by hatred against his stepmother. Doo-young was raised not to become Doo-shik. In the end, I love that life made its own way for Doo-young and Doo-shik.

Other than rekindled relationships, the film also showed a humbling story of victory. Doo-young losing his eyesight tuned out to be the key to his dreams as an athlete. It felt like remembering the old saying, defeats are only detours to real victories. On the lighter side, the film was able to incorporate some light and funny moments. My favorite was when Doo-shik brought the young and innocent Doo-young to a club. Doo-young meet a lady, who took advantage of his blindness and claimed to looked like Jennifer Lawrence. :p

I also have to commend the writer and director's approach in showcasing the painful and tearjerking moments in the film. They have proven that actors don't need to shed buckets of tears to create that perfectly sad yet redeeming scene. 

There's no doubt, I have to give 5 out of 5 stars to My Annoying Brother.