In the previous weeks, my mind always had scattered thoughts. There was too much going on. I'v been wanting to vent out in a blog post. I started writing and half-way through it, I decided to discard the post. It was filled with nothing but rants. This week, I'm feeling the opposite. I feel empty. When I started writing this post, I don't know where and how to start. It must be because of the work to do. I have take home work from teaching and freelancing. I'm overwhelmed. I left my table, lay down on bed, browsed my phone, chatted with a friend about some worklife issues and soon enough, I fell asleep. :p I woke up realizing my mess while wasting so much electricity. Empty takeaway boxes, all lights were on, TV was left running, same goes with my laptop and other devices.  

In truth, I feel empty and messed up the past few days. It must be because of the tasks and responsibilities. It was one of those weeks when you need to be an adult, but your mind wanted otherwise. I'm trying to console myself by thinking of the upcoming Holy Week break. Likewise, I knew all these concerns will never be permanent. Everything will soon be mission accomplished, I can't wait for that day. 

Before this turns to another rant, here's the past week in photos

Sorting out everything from the mail

On weekend afternoons in the company of books waiting to be read 

I was surprised that our mail box is still alive and the local Post Office is still working Hahahaha Over the past few weeks, the mail contains nothing but bills to pay. I don't have postcards, letters or anything that doesn't need to be paid. :p  These goodies came from my namemate, Diane of Lavender Dreams. Thank you namemate! I was a great surprise especially after a long day at work. 

As I try my best to look for anything inspiring and motivating the past few days.

On the shallow side of my life, I've been endlessly stalking my long time crush Ho-Pin Tung the past few days. Hahahaha I swear, if there's someone I want to talk about these days, it's nothing but Ho-Pin!!! If last month was all about Han Tae Hee (Joo-Sang Wook), Ho-Pin has already taken the post. Problem is, I cannot understand anything about his world. My knowledge in cars, racing and any other motorsports is zero. In like manner, the people around me share the same inability. :p 

I'm not sure if it's because of my intensifying teenage crush behavior being revived :p but lately, my playlist is all about OST of Disney movies. It has been Tale as Old as Time, A Whole New World, When You Believe and Colors of the Wind. But my current favorite is Shanice and Jon Secada's If I Never Knew You from Pocahontas. I knew Pocahontas, but how come I don't remember hearing it. For me, it's one of the best yet underrated romantic songs produced for a Disney movie.

And before I drown myself with my fairy tale and ambitious dreams, a Facebook chat with a friend was more than enough to awaken me. My friend agreed on my thought that  it's not hard to become a good employee. The hardest is to remain fair, honest and hardworking even when others are not. It's how to be inspired, even when circumstances pushes you to feel demoralized. It's to remain hardworking even when inequality is everywhere. I can enumerate numerous complaints yet at the end of the day,  here I am, still not quitting the race.